Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Good things come in the mail for me.....
What a lovely Dog Days of Summer Package I received from Karen of Live Stitches! She was right on target in knowing what this girl likes! I cannot wait to cast on with the new Red/white/blue stripes from SNC! The soap is heavenly. The cloth graces my counter now. I'm set for dishcloth knitting with the generous supply of Cotton fleece, which has a nice hand to it! Yummy candy and a cure for the summer heat and hot flashes(batteries included)! Hand made zipper pouch and stationary in my favorite colors! See the cute little yarn ball and needles dangling form the zipper! And the card! I JUST bought this sheepy stamper also! Such nice touches! Karen, you do soooo rock! What a terrrrrrrrrific Pal you are!

Meanwhile, once the excitement of Christmas is August was over, I found that I needed to knit quickly a cloth for my upcoming visit with my bestest friend from high school, Autumn. So, against a looming deadline, this was knit and gifted to her! I was so happy to have on hand those lovely gift tags so generously designed for free download from CeeElle of Coming Unravelled fame! You saved the day, Cee! Many thanks to you!
Two Beautiful Ladies of the Menopause Generation during a recent afternoon poolside....We're STILL cute!

Summer fun with my knitting Amiga Jeanie, while Nan is on a 2 week cruise to Scandinavia and Russia. Missing her and trying to fill our days until her return, Jeanie and I attended Musikfest, with tickets to see one of my favorite performers, Kim Richey! Go check out her music on YouTube and let me know what you think!

Here we are after she signed her latest CD for me. Very gracious, a terrific songwriter, and a beautiful voice! I love her acoustic sets. I didn't have the nerve to include my Take-Along Sock in the photo. I figured probably had her fill of crazy fans, so I sacrificed the socks for the appearance of sanity!

OH MY GOD! KNITTING IN PUBLIC! Seriously, doesn't this gal look positively traumatized to see Jeanie sitting and knitting? Of course, the reaction was merely a poorly timed least I think it was.....

Anyway, that's what we did last week.....

....while Kringle has been enjoying some of his afternoons outside under watchful eyes! he looks so content!
Hope you have such contentment too!


CeElle said...

Dearest Mrs. B,

I am so happy that you could use the tag. I can't wait to make more for your gifting pleasure... :)

Yes, I now know that I may have to enter ballband rehab. They sure are addictive! I love the way your colors turned out. I don't use variegated in these nearly enough!

You ladies from the menopausal generation not only look cute, you look FAB! Keep at it!

Thanks for stopping by, you are always so much fun.

Let blessings follow you.

Katie J said...

Fun post as always. My first ballband is a tribute to you with blue, brown and cream (happens to match my bathroom as well).

I'll have to look up Kim Richey. Glad you're having a good summer and happy I talked you into the dishcloth swap. Looks like you were spoiled well.

Channon said...

I'm loving my Dog Days package! You are just too clever and cute with all of those tags and comments. Hubby has claimed the ball band cloth. Mary wants my sand shake jar. Mugsy wants the rooster. Fred wants the soap, because it smells good, and I'm just content with feeling special!

I'm so glad you posted the link to the darling tag for the cloth. Thanks in advance, CeElle!

Karen said...

I'm sooo glad you like everything! I had such a good time putting it together :) Enjoy!

Tea said...

Wow, you ARE one spoiled lady! :)
And I'm sure you richly deserve all the pampering.

I love the S&C stripes; can't wait to see what you make with it.

hakucho said...

Red/white/& blue sugar and cream stripes???....can't wait to see how that knits up!!

I know I'm always up for seeing more ballbands. Everyone I see is so different...that's the beauty of that pattern...even if the backside isn't as pretty as the front ;) ;) Yours is gorgeous :)

hakucho said...

P.S. ....and CeElle's tag is just a fabulous little extra special touch :)