Tuesday, April 07, 2009


The Morning Call's Hanging With Your Peeps polls officially closed on Monday at noon and I'm happy to say ****the Peeps Knitting Circle**** finished with:
276 votes,
0.8 percent of the votes,
a respectable 3rd from the bottom, even though minimal props were used.
I'll say it again-the knitting speaks for itself!
I couldn't have done it without all of you Kind and Gentle Knitters and Nonknitters who heeded my call to get out the vote for my knitting Peeps! Thank-you, family and friends,and all you knitters and bloggers out there from Ravelry, Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo Group, Knitlist, Knitu, and The Cloth Of The Week Yahoo Group for taking the time to support the Peeps!
Although I didn't win, it was great fun getting all your encouraging and humorous comments!
Who knows, maybe the Peep Knitting Circle's presence in the print media will encourage someone to take up the Addis!
Happy knitting!