Monday, May 28, 2007


I've been slowly falling in love with this color combination that seemed to be everywhere the past year.

Robin Egg Blue. This subliminal influence compelled me toward the purchase of cheap, but lovely TLC Essentials Acrylic yarn by Red Heart last week.
As you can see, there's a pattern of color developing in things I have recently acquired, with no relationship to my home's decor.

So how will this infusion of nature's palate blend with my eclectic tastes? Don't really know, nor care! Just gotta knit these suckers into mitered squares!

Blame it on the Mason-Dixon Knitting Fever, and those lovely gals Kay and Ann!

Here's the start of my mitered square knitting journey.

And, it wasn't too long before the needles had produced this!

I'm partial to the four row two color stripey pattern on the upper left.
Also like the simple variegated square and imagine future ones will knit up slightly different each time. Want to try using my colors in different thicker stripe combinations for the square in the upper right corner.

Very, very easy.

The purse was acquired this year from AC Moore during my attempt to shrug off winter. Notice the color. This mitered square bug must have laid dormant for a while before emerging. Just was waiting for the right colors, I suppose.

Not found in my stash.

Of course, you understand completely!

I have a plan.

The squares measure six inches each, so, by my calculations,
36 (six across and six down) squares without a border will give me a 36 inch square blanket. Baby size. Considering I am just doing random designs along with the 4 row stripey pattern , I am having fun playing with the 4 colors. I am going to combine 6 different color design patterns into 9 groups of 4 squares. Picture a Nine Patch Quilt gone wild. But, in a good way.

And, if you, Gentle Knitter, feel like you, too, are susceptible to this bug, follow this link to the directions so kindly posted by these great gals of knitting!

Pick your own colors and color combos.

Consider donating your finished blanket to a worthy cause of your choosing.

Did I hear someone say "Baby Shower"?

How about a much needed and certainly would be appreciated larger blanket for Christmas At Sea?

Believe me, the fun factor and sheer mindless knitting with endless color design possibilities is gonna hook you!

I'll gladly post whatever photos of the creations my Gentle Knitters send to me.

Happiness is only one square away!

Just have to brag about my knitting student Hollie. After taking just one basic lesson she decided PAAAASHAAAW with those puny dishcloths and her resolve to knit bigger and better evolved into this gorgeous baby blanket using Caron Perfect Match Baby Rainbow.

It does a knitting instructor proud! You keep knitting, Ya Hear! It's in your blood!
Have a fabulous knitting week!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My very own Secret Pal 10 person surprised me with a delightful package of goodies on Friday! I was so excited I couldn't unwrap fast enough! Look at the adorable soap she made just for me! Vanilla-Lavender. YUM! I'm squeaky clean!

So, I poured myself a cup of 3/4 decaf-1/4 regular coffee into the ol' X File mug and snapped a photo to share with everyone.

My Pal knows me well. Yes, I do knit those dishcloths for others and keep precious few for myself, so her sweet little dishcloth is most welcome in my kitchen! See the chocolate bunny on the left? One word. Gone!The chocolate covered strawberries are in the freezer for later attacks!
Love the watermelony tin and teensie book. And, oh how I love buttons!
Best of all was the warm note she included in my package!
Thanks so very much, Dear Secret Pal! This is such fun!

Which reminds me! Must get MY package to My Pal out in the mail TODAY!

Monday, May 14, 2007


Hope you lovely knitters had a wonderful Mother's Day! I was fortunate to spend the day relaxing, knitting and giving our porch furniture a bit of a painting re-do. My family assumed all household duties for the day, so I was a domestic goddess for the day, doing what I wanted to do! Which meant I was able to get quite a bit of knitting done on my latest project. (please don't ask me about Mike's sweater-it's resting.)

Maybe it was the wine, but I kept hearing strains of "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" repeating softly in my brain....

This is the Diamond Pillow from Debbie Bliss's Home made spectacular by including angora for the little diamonds a la Yarnstorm. I've been wanting to play around with this pattern for some time, ever since I first spotted this pattern on Jane's popular blog, so I finally decided to take the needles in hand and have at it! I just love experimenting and am pleased with how the colors are combining to create a soft and soothing cushion.

I knit the background in a neutral Rowan Cashsoft DK and the angora/merino blend is from Gedifra; baby pink, rose and teal. Both yarns are a little bit of heaven to knit with and I am now a big fan of all things Rowan.

I had a surprise. My Secret Pal 10 person sent me a lovely card for Mother's Day and it was just the pick-me-up needed on Friday! It's so nice to have such kind thoughts coming my way from a stranger, yet a kindred spirit too! I am soooo curious as to her identity and she dropped some hints that she is from my area and that WE MAY HAVE MET! Gosh! Wouldn't that be something? I mean, if if I can have a random encounter with the Purse Ho at MS&W, then who knows what can happen next!

Oh, mustn't forget to tell you, Gentle Knitter,

I've been tagged by Lacey, over at Random Stitches.
I love being tagged. I feel like I'm getting my 15 minutes of fame! But, this one feels like real work, folks!
The rules of the game are that I must reveal 7 random facts about myself. I then need to tag 7 others & list their names on my blog. For this I am sure some will curse me and my knitting will go all to hell!
I also have to leave those I tagged a note in their blog comments letting them know they have been tagged & to direct them to read my blog for the rules of the game.

7 Random Facts About Mrs. B. -Ho-Hum!

1. When I was born I was named Lois initially, but my name was changed to Linda before I was Baptised. I have no idea why this occurred.
2. I truly and madly adore the Law & Order franchise. All of them. I was crushed when Trial By Jury was cancelled. If it weren't for my family I'd watch it 24/7.
3. My dream is to be invited by the producer of L&O to play the Judge that gets to say " Bail set at $100,000" , or "Remand until trial". And bang the gavel. Every week the Bail judge is someone different, so why not me?
4.I once stood shoulder to shoulder next to John McEnroe at outside of Carnegie Hall in NYC. He looked casually into my eyes, and because I feared he'd flashback to one of his tennis match meltdowns, I looked away! I remember he had very nice skin and his hair was sprinkled nicely with bits of gray.
5. I prefer Pepsi to Coke.
6. I can write backwards in cursive.
7. My favorite movie is "It's a Wonderful Life", and I recite dialogue during the movie. The weeping starts as the movie begins....

That's it for me. Now for my victims...I mean knitting colleagues!
I decided to pick alphabetically from the Monthly Dishcloth Group Blog List. I tried to pick people I wasn't familiar with and hopefully they'll see some fun in all of this!

I'm tagging

I'm looking forward to reading every ones seven little factoids!

Have a great knitting week!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


With much anticipation we hit the road at 6 am and set out in our new mini van to drive the 170 miles to the sheep show. WOW! Was the line on the highway off the Fairgrounds Road long! A preview of just how crowded the fairground parking lot field was.

We were very prepared for the festival sun so the Amigas took a moment to model for the camera their sun bonnets.

That's me in my lovely sage straw hat. See what real ladies look like at 51.

Since this was a festival that showcased sheep and wool, I snapped a picture of some livestock so you, Gentle Knitter, will get the flavor of the festival.

And here are the Amigas immersing themselves into the spirit of the festival as they wait on an extremely loooooooooong line to purchase their Socks That Rock yarn from Blue Moon. We were lucky to get some, as it was pretty much picked through by the time we got there at 10 am!

They did leave a few skeins for me......

This was interesting and totally unexpected:
We were waiting on the looooooong line at Blue Moon just to look and I glanced over at this gal who had a nice assortment of STR in her arms and after saying something I hoped would sound witty ( it wasn't, I'm sure) I gasped! Looks soooo familiar. Could it be? Is this my Monthly Dishcloth Group 2006 Exchange pal person Jen? The Purse Ho???!!! All the way from the other side of the continent???

So I asked if it were indeed her, and a frightened look came over her face for a nano second. Her Amiga spoke for her and admitted it was her!!!

I was AMAZED! She was somewhat relieved that I wasn't some psycho. I mean, what if it wasn't her. One doesn't normally go up to someone in public and ask them if they are a Purse Ho, now do they?

So, the fabulous Purse Ho and I had a photo snapped together with our cameras, and we parted ways. But it was a nice chance encounter. The Amigas were awed at the Karma of it all.

Check out her blog to see what she bought....

I was fascinated by this group of ladies who were Team Knitting a blanket that they are donating to Afghans For Afghans. They graciously consented to a photo for my blog.

We spent Saturday and Sunday at the festival, but left a little early when we ran out of yarn bucks! It would have been totally masochistic to continue going to the vendors if we couldn't buy. The 3 Amigas just don't do that!
So we did miss seeing a few of the vendors, but hey! Next year!

It took me until today to recover from the walking and driving....
So I dumped my goodies on my bed today and couldn't believe I spent $$$ with so little to show for it. Or maybe it just seems like it because of a Post Festival Letdown?

Old book, possibly out of print, good price, great knitting tips covering just about EVERYTHING!

Roving from Peace Fleece. I had seen a gal somewhere knitting with just roving and I wanted to try that too.

These are all the patterns that I want to knit and should help to reduce the stash that my husbands says I will never knit. HA!

I limited myself to just one skein of Koigu KPPM for my collection. Besides, Jeanie and Nan didn't leave any left for anyone else. Like the sheepy BFL ornament?

Nan bought this skein of Hemp for me. It will be a shawl.
I was indulgent. I have always wanted to own a pair of Mango Moon needles but couldn't justify buying them when I have so many needles already. I'm glad I did succumb because they knit beautifully!

TA-DA! Socks That Rock. One skein is going to my Secret pal 10 person because she really loves to knit socks and I think she will really like This yarn.

Grab shopping bag full of yarn for $40 at Wool in the Woods. Thinking of mitered squares something. Any suggestions, anyone? Did I get a good deal?

Rayon/cotton yarn for a shawl.

Claudia for socks. Jeanie thought these reminded her of watermelon, so I'll sew black beads on them!

I started knitting with the roving. Peel, draft, knit. Wonder what it will be?

Back to my regular knitting life.

Another pregnancy, another baby gift.