Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, thank-you to all of you Gentle Knitters out here who requested my free baby bib pattern. I'm of the opinion that sometimes a girl just has to dress up. Sorry, boys, but this is not a baby bib for the guys!

I'm happy to post the pattern instructions for your personal use. I modified the written basic stitch pattern to include a 3 stitch border on each side and to make a wide, single rippled edge, rather than the several shown in the stitch pattern photo in Barbara's book.
I also posted the pattern and photo to Ravelry under the tags "baby" and "bib".
I'd love to see photos of the bib, if anyone knits one!

by Linda Ball

Sized for newborn and older -approximately 13 inches x 9 inches.
Peaches and Cream Cotton yarn:
(MC) Apple Green- one ball
(CC) Lemonade -one ball
Size 7 needles
Large eye tapestry needle to weave in yarn tails.

Knitting Stitch reference book: Treasury of Knitting Patterns
by Barbara G. Walker, Schoolhouse Press. 1998, page 205.

MC - Main Color
CC - Contrast Color
Slip 1- always slip stitch from left needle onto right needle as to knit.

Using MC, C/O 42 stitches and knit in the following modified Feather and Fan pattern:
Row 1. K.
Row 2. P.
Row 3 (Border) K 3,(K2tog) x 3, (YO, K1) x 6, (K2tog) x 6, (YO, K1) x 6, (K2tog) x3, (Border) K3.
Row 4. K.

Repeat in pattern for 6 inches, ending having just worked Row 3. Leaving short tail, cut MC, turn work, attach CC, and Knit Row 4.

With Right Side of work now facing, work with CC yarn in Stockinette Stitch, Slipping the first stitch of every row. Continue in this manner until section worked in CC yarn measures 2 inches, ending having worked a Wrong Side Row.

Setting Up For Straps:
With Right Side facing, Slip 1, K 10, Bind Off 20 stitches, Knit remaining stitches on needle.
Turn work to Wrong Side.
Working on Wrong Side of Bib, Slip 1, P 10.

Place The 11 stitches BEFORE THE BO that are resting on your other needle onto a stitch holder for the present time.

Continue working this strap in Stockinette stitch for 5 inches or longer as you prefer, remembering to Slip the first stitch at the beginning of every row.

Bind Off on Right Side and cut CC. Attach medium size button SECURELY to this strap 1/2 inch from BO edge .

Buttonhole Strap: rolled edges ( Need to water spritz to block flat if you hate the roll!) See below for pattern update if you prefer the garter stitch border strap version!

Placing stitches on stitch holder back on your needle and with Right Side facing, attach CC yarn and work this strap in stockinette stitch for 4 1/2 inches, slipping the first stitch at the beginning of every row. End having worked a Wrong Side Row.
Next Row: Slip 1, K4, BO 1 Stitch, K remaining stitches on needle.

Purl Side row: Slip 1, P4, CO 1 stitch, P remaining stitches on needle.

Continue in Stockinette stitch until strap length is equal to the other one.

Continue to keep the first 3 and last 3 stitches in garter stitch pattern as you work each strap. Follow the pattern for working the remaining middle sections of each strap and the button hole.

You could also choose to just knit the upper section and the straps in plain old Garter stitch if you want to. Just keep in mind that you need to incorporate that buttonhole with whatever stitch pattern you decide to use!

Cut CC yarn and weave in all tails. Lay Bib flat and wet block, shaping to desired size.

It takes very little yarn and lends itself to various combinations of leftover yarns, cotton or acrylic.

I was tickled to see that over time some folks on Ravelry have offered their own colorful interpretations.

Leave a comment and send me a photo link if you make one!

1.Please be kind and not sell this published pattern nor the finished item made from this pattern. Gift it or donate a bib to your charity of choice instead.
2. Yarn shop owners may distribute this pattern free of charge to their customers.


wollfee said...

Hello Mrs. B

thank you for this cute pattern. I will try to knit it for my younger daughter. She will be 5 years in summer and I hope I can change the pattern to her size. I let you konw about it.
Alex from Germany

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll have to knit one up for my little friend soon!

hakucho said...

Very pretty :)

smariek said...

Cute pattern, wish I had those a couple of years ago when I really could have used them. Love your sample neck warmer, it look soft, warm, & cozy!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Adooooorable !!! Nice way to begin crafting for 2008 !!!

Wendy said...

I stumbled upon your blog via Anne's blog and having fun reading about your knitting adventures. I simply adore the felted teapot coasters your friend sent you!!! Do you happen to know where I might find the pattern for those?

Lacey said...

What a cute bib! Love!

Oh and I saw something and thought of you. I don't know if you'll want to know, but I saw some brown and blue yarn. It's at the Lime N Violet Wool Shop. It's sasquatch in the classics called Jay Silverheels. Go check it out. :D

There are still 2 in stock.

Sorry to lead you down the path, but I thought you might likes. :P

carole said...

haven't been to Kraemer's lately... afraid to go just ordered yarn from E-P and I had sworn off yarn so...

I need TIME to knit (and spin)...
thanks for the b'day wishes

hakucho said...

Check my blog just received an award!!

Pooch said...

Hi Linda! Jump over to my blog! I have some bling and a MeMe for you!


Marti Knits in SF said...

Thanks for sharing your pattern darlin'! I'm going to knit this up right away and send it to a new friend. I'll be sure to get a pick of it on my blog and link ya appropriately.

DawnK said...

That is so cute! I have 2 more second cousins to knit bibs for! I'll have to keep this in mind. I just made a MD bib, for the boy, but the other 2 are girls! (Are the babies of a cousin, second cousins?)

adoptionmsw said...

Thanks for this cute pattern. I've made it in yellow and a mix of pink and yellow sugar 'n' cream. I've posted it on my ravelry page (adoptionmsw) and I've tried to link it to your pattern info in ravelry, but I can't seem to find it. I've been using the name miss thing baby bib and nothing comes up. Any help you can give me on this would be most appreciated. You can contact me through ravelry or e-mail me at

Tamiknits said...

how cute! Too bad my DD is to old, she would love it!

Tea said...

Just got the notice your pattern is featured on Knitting On the Net.
Very cool, Mrs. B!
Hope all is well.

Rhonda said...

I am almost finished with my 2nd baby bib in this pattern. I used a pastel ombre and light green cotton yarn for the fan & feathers part. I have to sew on the button and block it to see if I can get the straps to stop curling. Here's a picture of the first one I made, hopefully you can paste the url and see it!

Trudy said...

Although I don't have any hopes for new babies in our family anytime soon, I love this idea for a Miss Thing bib--and I've got a friend who's having a little girl in June, which should give me plenty of time (I'm notoriously slow!) to finish this.

CC said...

I made a very cute bib with your pattern. Put in a link to the pattern when I mentioned it in my Blog entry.


Anonymous said...

I love this pattern and I'm going to knit it for my 6 month old grand child Layla.
Thank you for lending me your lovely pattern
Mags South


You are so welcome! Enjoy and please send me a link so I might see a photo!