Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I still am hooked on the ballband dish cloth pattern as you can see from my latest additional to our family's waaaarshcloth collection. And yes-we do us our waaaaarshcloths. They are working cloths in our house, you betcha! I've got more stockpiled.

"Why"?, you ask?

Because I signed up for the Mason-Dixon Waaarshcloth Exchange, that's why!!!

Must get my cloth in the mail tomorrow for my new knitting pal, Jen, over at Purse Ho.

Ya just gotta love somebody named Purse Ho!

Hi Jen!

^ ^


I, myself, am known to be a Yarn Ho, and there are many of us, I am told!

Finishing up some bibs and a baby sweater, plus need to knit several more baby things as got 4 baby showers before February! And, I've got Christmas knitting for family and friends to boot! More on that at a later date.

The ladies at church and I each knitted six 6 inch squares which I sewed together as a baby blanket. We raffled our community blanket to raise money for ProLife. Great job, ladies! My humble squares are the lavender ones. I have fun with our Knitting Ministry on Tuesday nights. Working on a log cabin blankie now. Want to knit hats for the shelter with the odd balls of LionBrand homespun donated to our group.

Do you ever feel as if you never get anything accomplished?

Sometimes I think I am doing lots of knitting and have very little to show for all that time and energy spent. But, when I look at my photos I am reminded that I actually do have a body of finished handknits, many knit as gifts, and some made just for me!

Here are a few examples:

This was the famous sockie book marker project of 2005 for my Mother-in-law's gift giving needs. They were knit with all kinds of different scraps of yarn I had hoarded. I loved knitting them, but 10 pairs-WHOA! Yes, I really must love my M-I-L!

I think it's out of my system now, so don't ask!

This is the delightful Turtleneck shrug pattern by Teva Durham from Scarf Style. Must rework the neck as it is a scosh too snug across the collar bones for my comfort. I knit this with Aplaca Grande, on sizes 10's to 11's, having adjusted pattern for gauge issues. Switching to larger needles along the sleeve made it taper nicely along the arm. Unfortunately, I in no way resemble the lovely model in the book when I slip this on. But, SO WHAT! My knitting makes me beautiful!!!! HaHa!

I love my Poncho! Is this the front?
Or is this? I wear it either way, depending on my many moods.

I've been thing about adding a little roll or funnel neck....


AAAAH! My corkscrew scarf. You haven't lived until you've bound off 1600 stitches!!!!

This the lovely Betty Blue wearing my Tiara and Matrix collar in a Sandstone colorway. Very easy and quick. Clipped with a pin over coat collar or turtleneck. Nice alternative to a long scarf. I collect heads. Just bought one yesterday at local shop. It has reddish brown hair and brown eyes, just like me. Will knit her a hat soon, I think.

I figured this out on my own sometime around Valentines day this year. Sugar and Cream cotton has a warm spot in my heart!

Hey, I got my LionBrand cataloque in the mail yesterday and it was loaded with great patterns. Their own, and by two old Bags, Fiber trends, to name a few. Patterns were knit with various LB yarns, and looked quite nice for the price! I'm getting knitting ideas for my stash!

Meanwhile, my husband's Christmas sweater grows slowly up the back.

Since camo is big this year again for the kids, and since I have a good supply of Bernat Camoflauge yarn stock piled, I'm thinking about a quick project like house socks or a knitted tie for my son, as well as the traditional G.I. wardrobe for his Joes, to put in his stocking again this year.

I haven't forgotten my knitting buds! I'm just not saying nothin'.

My lips are Kitchnered!