Wednesday, November 14, 2007


from the needles of The Knitorious Mrs. B.. AKA Linda Ball

Several of my Gentle Readers have commented on my WIP miniature sweater ornament displayed in a previous post. Many thanks for the kind words of encouragement! It is a very simple concept: Knit up , across and down.
I'm posting my pattern for free, with the understanding that it is yours to do with it whatever you wish. You have my permission to knit this ornament and sell them for personal profit, or offer them for sale at Fund Raisers to benefit not-for-profit organizations. Put your own creative stamp on it and embellish however your sense of whimsy guides you.

All I ask is that you credit me as the author of this pattern. I 'm not aware of any other ornament patterns written as such, so I feel at ease in posting this pattern.

Seriously, that's all, folks! So, go ahead and enjoy my early Christmas/whatever Holiday-you-observe gift to you!

I'd love it if you'd send me photos of your La Petite Sweet Sweaters knit up so I could post them!
Please let me know if you find any errors in my pattern directions.

Make someone happy by knitting them a La Petite Sweet Sweater!
La Petite Sweet Sweater Ornament
Small amount of yarn ( fingering, sock weight, dk, sport weight, worsted weight) I used a small amount of sportweight, superwash that had been hand dyed with Wilton's Cake Icing Coloring from Fall 2006 yarn dying adventure with Amiga Jeanie.
2 DP Needles-Size 2
Using DP needle, and leaving about a 6 inch yarn tail, Cast On 16 itches. Work pattern with DPs as if knitting with straight needles.
Sweater front:

(RS) Row 1. K1, P1 across.

(WS) Row 2: P1, K1 across.
Repeat 1:1 ribbing as above until you have 6 rows of ribbing, ending having worked the (WS) Row 2.
Now, knit in Stockinette Stitch for 20 rows ( OR until you feel your sweater body is long enough/ You are bored!) The Knitted side is the (RS) facing you.
Beginning the front sleeves:
Ending on a Purl side row, Cast On 10 stitches, and then begin Knitting across to end of row-26 stitches. Before you turn your work to begin the next row, Cast On 10 stitches, turn, and Purl back across the entire row. Total stitches are now 36. 10 (sleeve) 16 (body) 10 (sleeve).
Knit the first 2 stitches AND the last 2 stitches at each end of EVERY sleeve row, working the 32 stitches in between in Stockinette Stitch. (Very important when you are working the PURL side rows, as this makes a little ribbed cuff at each end of the sleeves!) Just remember to knit straight across on all (RS) facing rows and knit the fist and last 2 stitches on all the PURL side (WS) rows!
Continue working the sleeves this way across all 36 stitches for 10 rows, ending on a purl side row.
(RS) facing you. knit 13, BO 10 stitches, knit remaining 13 stitches.
(WS) facing you, knit 2,p 11 stitches, CAST ON 10 stitches, purl next 11 stitches, knit last 2 stitches
((RS) facing you, knit across all 36 stitches.
Continue working the back sleeves as previously done in the front sleeve section for next 9 rows, ending having worked purl side row.
Decreasing for sleeves:
At beginning of (RS) row, BO 10 stitches, knit next 26 stitches.
At beginning of purl row, BO 10 stitches, purl remaining stitches. 16 stitches remaining.
Return to working the sweater body in Stockinette Stitch pattern for 20 rows/ OR equal to the number of rows worked for the front of the sweater.
Remember to repeat 6 rows of 1:1 ribbing near the bottom of your sweater and BO in K1, P1 pattern. Leave about 6 inches yarn tail before cutting yarn.
To finish, you need only to sew up your sides up to the end of your sleeves with your 6 inch yarn tails! Embellish as you wish and enjoy!


Katie J said...

Adorable! Thanks! I know I'm going to make at least one of these puppies really soon. I'll post on my site with a link to yours!

Tami said...

This is so cute! I love the touch of buttons! I'm definitely going to make some of these up. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Tea said...

Why, thank you Mrs. B!
Your La Petite is a cutie pie pattern. It's mighty generous of you to share. Thanks again!

DawnK said...

That's adorable! I saved the pattern!

Lindy said...

So cute!!!

smariek said...

How cute! And a great way to use up bits of leftover yarn too. :-)

Jan said...

YAY! Thanks LB!!!
Jan H (MA)

joyseegirl said...

Love it...I have 3 friends that are due around christmas...I think It will be great for babies first ornament...with the year emb. on it...THANKS!

gremhog said...

I am so excited to have found your blog. I have knitted since I was 8 (that means 50 years ago) but times, children, activities have put knitting off for a time. HOWEVER, I just joined a Yahoo Knitting group and was directed to your blog. It is wonderful...and Ill be back often. Thanx for the pattern. these might be 2008's Christmas ornaments for my grands (I have 10 fo them and am still counting).

gremhog said...

It's me again. Noticed your comments on my blog and wondered if you would share your spinach recipes with me.

Stephen King doesn't scare me altho "The Langaliers" did a real number on me...finished this short story on a very grey, foggy fall afternoon and then was afraid to go to the basement to get the things I needed for dinner. And that has never happened to me before or after.

But a man gave a talk in church a few years ago...his wife was on total bedrest because of pg problems. She kept reminding him about his socks and tie and he announced as he talk that all he heard was Redrum, Redrum. I burst out laughing, having never thought I'd hear SK quoted over the pulpit. Guess no one else in the congregation read him cuz I was the other only chuckling and grinning my head off. Thanx for the memory.

stitchin' girl said...

That little sweater is just too cute!! I am feeling the need to make one or 10!! :o)

hakucho said...

Very cute little sweater :) Thanks for sharing the pattern!

happy knitting :)

carole said...

My you were up early this morning! (OK yesterday morning now)

Love le petit sweater... now I'll have to make some for the tree... Darn you anyway! so cute! THanks for the pattern.

Knit away!!!!!

Jan said...

Hi LB, I finally posted pictures of my attempt at your gorgeous wee pattern. Thanks so much. Jan H (MA)

carole said...

hey I forgot to ask you .... what did you use for the hanger???

Karin said...

Love this sweater ornament. I will have to try and make some, but maybe for next year. It's getting too close to Christmas.


Crochetoholic Debb said...

that is just the cutest!!Thanks for sharing

Chayah said...

Thank you, Linda, I love your pattern and it is perfect for this season, Warmly, Chayah