Tuesday, August 21, 2007


So far,this has been a miserable week weatherwise. We picnicked with neighbors on Saturday, but since then, nothing but the glooms and rain!
Poor Shaun! He returns to school Monday, and his last week of summer vacation ought to spent doing fun outside things! I had to reschedule a Dip and Knit Poolside Party with my 2 girlfriends from high school for Thursday. Looking forward to some sun and 90 degrees again!

AMAZING! I just received the identity of my Secret Pal 11 and LO AND BEHOLD! A mysterious package came for me in the mail on Saturday from my Secret Pal 11! What a spoiler! A SWIFT!! JUST WHAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED but have been too cheap to buy for myself!!! Look how my Ball Winder gazes upon it with longing!!! THANK-YOU SP11 PAL !!
A very sweet note accompanied the gift! Boy! This gal is on the ball! I better get my procrastinator butt in gear and start my spoilee package ASAP!

Monday's mail brought more goodies! I opened a package full of beautiful cloths and an array of colorful posties sent from my Monthly Dishcloth 3rd Quarter Exchange pal, Sharon. Thanks so much, Sharon! I adore your handiknitwork. Both are perfect colors for my kitchen! The pattern is called Reiko's Japanese Spider Lace and can be found here at K1P1 Keeping You In Stitches Studio.

I took some time to knit some cloths with the ball of red, white and blue SNC STRIPES that I received from Karen during our Dog Days Of Summer Exchange! I strayed from my passion for ballbands long enough to knit these in Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth pattern. I liked how this yarn stripes so much I went out and bought a few more in different colors. The red, beige and green one is called Holiday and is meant to be gifted to a friend!

I really like how this yarn stripes! I'll try a mitered square next time.

Well, until the weather improves, guess what we'll be doing!

Happy knitting, Gentle Knitter!


DawnK said...

Your cloths are very pretty. I love how your grandma's cloths turn out so square! Everytime I make one, I get one corner that's a little pointier than all the rest!

Tea said...

A swift for a swift knitter; very appropriate.:)Wonderful job on the G's Favorite cloths! I agree, they're about the best looking ones I've seen. I just bought the stripes yarn today and can't wait to cast on for a little bag for soap giving. Knit on, Mrs. B!

hakucho said...

The SNC STRIPES yarn is perfect for grandma's favorite..Oh...the pssibilites...

happy knitting :)

hakucho said...

p.s. I'm bad, bad, typist!! Too early yet ;)

CeElle said...

I hope that your last weekend was filled with sunshine - as opposed to the one before. But then... I am sure you spent it indoors winding all your yarn into balls. Lucky you!

I just sent my son off to school. Boo hoo... he is my baby and a freshman in high school this year! I tried to hold him back to middle school but he wouldn't do it. Where does the time go?

I can't wait to see what project is in store for you next!

Have a wonderful week~

Channon said...

Wow! What a great spoiler you have there. I too need to get busy spoiling my SP 11 pal. Your stash photos are awesome too!