Thursday, June 05, 2008


This is the time of year when I love sitting on my back porch,enjoying the scent of
the blooming roses as I knit myself into a state of backyard bliss.

But, my backyard seems to have turned into an unofficial sanctuary for Mother Nature's misplaced and down-trodden!

"Are you my Mother"?

Several Saturdays ago, my family and I spent a good portion of the day worrying about the futures of this family of kittens who were using our partially covered basement window well as refuge. Thankfully the SPCA was able to send Trapper Ron to gather up the Mom cat and her babies! We've already decided that we're adopting one of the litter once they're old enough to be spayed.

So today, anticipating a nice, peaceful morning of back porch knitting I was, instead, needed to assist, yet again, in reuniting our resident Cardinal Family. Having found a young cardinal on the ground last evening, scooped it up and placed it in the bushes within mom and dad's reach. Not the end of that saga!

" Are you my Mother"?

Hearing a racket in the rose bushes and seeing Mom and Dad Cardinal frantically calling and searching for their young bird, I located him and placed him off the ground. meanwhile, the parents were busy fending off a Blue Jay who'd been curiously hanging about in our trees, as well as a particularly screechy squirrel!

Meet "Peep".

I don't know what it is with this family? You'd think these birds would keep better track of their wandering baby. So, wanting to be of some help, I phoned our Aunt Kathy, who is THE world travelling Birder, for some advice.

"Where's that kid of mine"?
Aunt Kath gave some good tips on how to deal with this situation, so it was agreed that Peep would have a better chance of surviving and being found by Mom and Dad if he was placed among the herbs in my whiskey barrel. Notice Dad is getting warmer as he continues his search.

" MOM! I'm over here"!

Finally, the parents spied their baby. I was relieved, but still concerned because Peep can't seem to fly up to them!

"Gimme shelter"!

So, since it looks as though Peep is going to be with us until he can "spread his tiny wings and fly away" ( apologies to Ann Murray) I decided I needed to provide some sort of temporary housing for him as his family continues to teach him the basics of being a bird.

"It not Trump Plaza, but to me it's home"!

We all need watching over sometimes.

Knitting related:

Warmer weather means it's officially dishcloth knitting season! This is my version of the fun to knit Squidge, knit with Peaches and Cream Peppercorn Ombre. Thanks Sasha for a terrific pattern!

Finally got around to trimming the knotted yarn tails off of "Whiskers".

When I'm not knitting the Never-ending pair of sleeves belonging to mike's Never-ending Sweater I knit a mitered square for the Mandarin Jacket. The lure of Koigu is compelling! So much joy from a 2 3/4 square!
I continue my love affair with viewing British tellie and knitting books courtesy of my local library.

Mi Amiga, Nan, recently celebrated a birthday, and had asked me a while back for some dishcloths in colors to match her kitchen.

Thanks heavens for Peaches and Cream cotton. Yes. The one on the right is a crocheted cloth.
Just a few more for a set of 6 cloths. I also knit 2 smaller versions and will cover with material/ flannel to create a pair of hot pads/ pot holders to complete the gift.
More birthdays, and baby showers in the coming months. More knitting to be done!

Until next time Gentle Knitter, happy knitting!