Monday, July 25, 2011


I continue to knit for the soon-to-be-born-babies of my co-workers.
 This little car seat blankie/wrap was made with Bernat Cottontots yarn from my yarn stash.  It's been perfect to knit and crochet with during the recent heat wave.  It is a very soft yarn that becomes even softer once it's washed and dried on low. The blanket/wrap is not too big, so it will be easy for Mom to handle. Later it could be a little doll blanket!

I have amassed a nice stash of cotton yarn over the years. It's a great feeling to be able to make something from that yarn stash of mine! Most of the Cottontots was purchased on sale or with coupons from Michael's and Hobby Lobby. When the price of cotton began to increase I saved a lot of money buying a little of this, a little of that, a little here, a little there...
Do you like my rationalization?

The stitch pattern is worked across the row 4 times and there is a 4 stitch Garter Stitch border on each side. I suggest using a stitch marker on each side to denote the borders. 

Length: 29 inches
Width:  19 inches
Yarn: Bernat Cottontots/colors: (A)Grape Berry, (B) Lovely Lilac, (C)Very Berry, (D) Wonder White. One ball in each color. Choose the colors that work best for your baby!
Needle size: #8 circular-24 inch length
Stitch Markers: 2

 With Color A, C/O 80 stitches and knit 4 rows.

(RS) Row 1: K4, Place Marker, knit to last 4 stitches, Place Marker, K4.
(WS)Row 2: K 4, pass marker, purl across to last 4 stitches, pass marker, K4
(RS) Row 3: K4, PM, *(K2TOG x 3) (YO, K1 x 6)(K2TOG x3)** repeat from * to**, until marker, PM, K4
(WS) Row 4: K4, pm, k across, pm, k4.
Continue working with Color A until you reach end of the ball. For me, that worked out to be about 9 wavey ridges facing the Right Side. Attach Color B, and continue in pattern, repeating 4 Row pattern until you have finished Colors B, C, and in the case of  Color D, worked Row 4, followed by 3 rows Garter Stitch and Binding Off. Let me know if there are any errors or the pattern is unclear.


Susan said...

what a great pattern ! I love the look of feather and fan ! Just the right size for car seat !

Deb said...

What a beautiful pattern. It's a great idea making something for care-seat. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this sweet little blankie pattern.
I will be knitting up several of these for newborns.

Char said...

Do you have a hole in the blanket for the seat belts to be put through?

kathyatthebeach said...

I'm just a beginner but want to try this. Understand all the instructions but PM. What is PM?


PM is abbreviated for "Pass Marker". Move the marker to the other needle as done before. Give it a try and have fun! Would love to see what you make!

Evamaritha Rubbochstubb said...

It´s a lovely pattern, thanks for it.

Anonymous said...

Place marker

Evamaritha Rubbochstubb said...

Thanks THE KNITORIOUS MRS. B for letting Us use Ur pattern to knit after and thanks for leave a comments to these that google never left me a note of the knitting comments so it look like a didn´t care for what U wrote in comments for me as I got several people who wrote. That was bad done of googles. I am glad THE KNITORIOUS MRS. B, was informed and left her comments of her lovely pattern, to those who were in need. I also look forward to see picture of Ur work when it´s done. I have also a love for PINTEREST, THAT IS THE BEST SITE I HAVE JOIN. Do it U too and see how lovely things U can find there to do Ur self and find a lot of things U are interested in (and I am sure U can find everything there, I have and lot more of interesting things (and that mean a of very different things for sure)I did not even know I was interesting in before.

Anonymous said...

Why so many markers? It seems like only 2 should be needed but there are instructions to place 6, not sure why?


There are only 2 markers used in this pattern, as indicated in the beginning materials list. You might be mistakenly thinking of the pattern repeat (x 6) :-)

Anonymous said...

There are 6 "pm" instructions in the pattern, every single knitting abbreviation reference on the internet states this means "place marker" so it looks like we need 6 markers. I'm wondering if some of the "pm's" should in fact be "sm" which is the acknowledged and accepted abbreviation for "slip marker"? I found no reference to "pass marker" anywhere, makes a lovely pattern's instructions very confusing.

Unknown said...

Ok I feel really stupid. When I was working on row 3, I was only able to k2tog twice and had one stitch left before the marker.... Has anyone else had this issue? Or is it just me lol

Steffi Block said...

I'd like to make this in dk weight, on size 5 or 6 needles. How many stitches are in one pattern repeat? Not sure how many more to cast on. Thanks!