Monday, April 30, 2007


The Intrepid Maggie, my AK Secret Pal 2005, keeps me informed of the Yarn Harlot's adventures. As you may remember, I spoke with her briefly at Stitches without knowing I was in the presence of Yarn Harlotness.
Anyway, Mags sent this video from a Let's Knit Podcast filmed last year when Stephanie organized a Knit In at John Lennon's Memorial in Central Park.

Sock Knitters from all over joined together.

All we are saying...
is give socks a chance...

I think John would have approved.

So what am I up to this week?

Not too much.

I sent off a baby gift to one of my friends from work who had her baby in November!

These should be nice for warm warm weather. I included the pair of maryjane booties from a previous post. I either have to knit bigger sizes for the remainder of my baby gifts or knit with cotton. My solution to this baby gift backlog is to just knit baby stuff that I find cute with the yarns I love and then gift them when the occasion calls for it! I wonder if others have this problem! I mean-4 babies between November and February, with all the other projects I've got going....

By the way, Maggie also sent me the link to Christmas At Sea and I've added it to my Knitorious List. Maybe my Knitting Ministry at my Church might consider this program as charity project? It sounds like a very worthwhile endeavor. I'm thinking of the scarf because I've got plenty of stash.....

See why I have a knitting backlog?

Mike's sweater has not been touched in weeks! It lanquishes in a corner in the Yarn Room. Cannot bear the guilt!

On a happier note:
Have made real progress with knitting 2 Toe Up Socks On One Long Circular Needle! I am proud to say I have several rows of 2:2 ribbing going on the cuff! I will take it travelling with me on to Maryland this weekend. Just on case I run into Harlot....

Guess I better bring her latest book also! Would love an autograph!

Sent off my goody box to my Secret Pal 10 and was glad to learn from her that she was happy with everything I sent. What a relief! She has a lifestyle that involves sheep and yarn ....SSSSHHHH! Can't say anymore! I've begun compiling Box #2 for this month and no doubt will find some things for her in Maryland this weekend!

Preparing for our pilgrimage to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, or, as my dentist, Fay the Sock Knitter calls it, The Sheep Show!

Would you believe my eye doctor has a sheep farm but does not knit? Appalling, isn't it? I must convert her!


Happy to see that there will be lots of vendors and a Sheep to Shawl competition.

I'm really looking forward to fondling some Morehouse Merino
yarn after all these years of drooling over their website! I'm contemplating 2 skeins of their Monet Variegated Lace Weight yarn for a voluminous scarf!

I'll also make a point to stop by Shadyside Farms to buy a skein or two of their gorgeous Shepardess yarn. You know I will bring home some ANGORA (!) and Hand Dyed Romney. I always buy from them at Stitches and the Knit And Crochet Shows.

I actually have the Rambling Rows Project kitted with their Mohair blend aging in the Yarn Room.
For the last 2 years!

Koigu Yarns will also be there and I expect this will be The Three Amigas Largest Concentrated Purchase Target. My Grand Plan is to record the lot numbers of what KPPM I have on hand so as not to duplicate. Not that this is possible, given the diversity of colors they offer, but ya never know!

There is just going to be so much to see, do and buy! I will practice self control, and also be a friend by helping The Amigas not overspend too!

Wish us luck!

Pictures and story to follow next Monday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Some of you may recognize me from older posts, as I don't often make myself available for photos. My name is Chelsea and I am the senior feline in the Knitorious Mrs. B's household. I feel it is time that all you Knitters out there have a peek at what is behind the door of B's Yarn Room.

Here is the Ugliest Baby Poncho In The World. She knit this sucker around 2000, and then, deciding that it was an abomination, tossed it in the bottom of a project bag, where it still resides today. Personally, the pattern is a nice design, but only God knows what B was thinking when she decided to use this variegated yarn! Makes me want to gack up a fur ball!
No doubt the kid's in kindergarten by now!

LOOK! She's so organized! B. went to Walmart and bought these hanging sweater and shoe organizers. They now hold unfinished projects, long forgotten and yarns that, at one time, were of interest.

From closet floor to ceiling...

See through bins, that weigh a ton, make it easy for B to lovingly gaze upon her yarn stash, and contemplate projects...which will never see the tip of a knitting needle!
Questions: What is the shelf life of yarn?

If yarn is stored in a sweater bag, will it magically be transformed into a sweater?

I think not.

Dish cloth cotton. We wouldn't want to run out now, would we?

This is only a small portion of yarn that is "coming out of the closet", my Knitting Friends! I didn't show you the large sweater bags and the tote on wheels under the spare bed, or the contents of the triple wide dresser!

The reason for this expose' you ask?

Maryland Sheep And Wool Festival May 5th.

Consider this an intervention!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have absolutely no clue as to the whereabouts of last week.
I know it was here, and I was present in the moments of that week, but how I spent those moments are vague. Easter, certainly, was fun and full of family, so must accept that I was busy preparing for the holiday.

But the days after Easter, I dunno!
I know I did some knitting, yes, on The Sweater, and have a scant 3 inches left to finish on the left side.
I also began knitting The Cupcake Hat, and a stripey Encore version of the Mason-Dixon Baby Kimono.
I have all my baby yarns purchased for the current baby projects sequestered in a large round basket so I can stay organized.
I have to do some damage control with the Checkeaton sleeve to sleeve baby cardigan because all the measurements are written in centimeters and I think I misinterpreted the directions as inches. Let's just say it might be too wide or too narrow. Looks like I need to sit down and just force myself to do the conversions! And then frog a bit! What was I thinking? SSHEEEEEEEEEESH!
I'm so not metric!

On a brighter note, I bought some books, 2 on sale and one not, but coupon worthy nonetheless, thanks to Barnes and Noble.

Excellent basic sweater patterns and you can't beat the price of this book!Take a closer look! What a deal!

I had been following this on Ebay for a few days, and I was outbid. No worries, I used a coupon and was happy! Great embroidery patterns! I even bought some smaller hoops to use on baby onesies. Now, if I just can find some time...

Hence, this book, currently on my nightstand. I don't consider myself a crazed, overachieving mom, but maybe I'll see myself in this book? Curiosity compelled me buy this book, which explores the "mommy mystique", not unlike that "problem without a name" which Betty Friedan wrote about too many years ago. We could all use less stress in our lives, I think, and more time to knit!

Friday, Amiga Nan ( poor Amiga Jeanie had to work!) and I went to Jim Thorpe, Pa. for the Grand Reopening of Yarn Central. While it was a little off the beaten track, just outside the tourist district of Jim Thorpe, it was a very cute shop filled with some very interesting yarns and patterns. The shop owner, Dianna was very pleasant and showed me her Kimono she's knitting with Encore.

So impressed was I that the pattern went home with me. Not sure if it will be knit in DK or WW. I'm considering it for a stash busting project.

My basket of baby projects waits to be knit. Note the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in the front and the PJ yarns. Will be knit into "hug me: sweaters with coordinating hats. Someday. Camo yarn might end up a hoodie vs. kimono. Bought Brittanys too

But, I do much more knitting than shopping, as evidenced by my progress made in the Cupcake Hat. I'm working on the "nubbins" portion.

I think this is going to be very cute when done. I am using the Schachenmeyer Brava with size 6 circs
Baby Kimono knit with Encore worsted on # 6 needles. I'm considering some kind of add on at the bottom, like a ruffle, after I've completed the sleeves. Just seems short to me...

The "Hug Me" sweater. Another good idea to bust that stash!

Let you know how it all turned out next week!

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


No, I did not commit a knitting homicide, which would be considered a crime of passion, in any case.....if the Knitting Police are reading this.( yes, I know. I DO watch too much L&O!)
Does anyone know this victim? No brand name was marked on these size 6 needles.
Seriously, if anyone has an idea who made these, I'd love to know.
I need closure!

The Alibi:
Well, what ACTUALLY did happen was I brought my Willow Bud Tree square I've been working on for my church knitting group project to work last Thursday with the intention of knitting a few during break/lunch. Instead, the needles, previously somewhat flexible, very old, plastic(?) and labeled "made in England" baked for 13 hours in our nurses lounge! As I reached for my bag when leaving my hand brushed passed the needles and SNAP! The tip of one #6 lay lifeless in my hand! I carefully transported them home and proceeded to fracture the remainder of them by gently placing minimal pressure on them at different points. They had become so very brittle! As they lay in pieces on my counter I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away! I'm that pitiful! I thought they were so cute!

But, life must go on...

I managed to complete my square on my set of "Lucky Sixes". What do you think? I think it would make a pretty dishcloth, but that's just me.

Besides my commitment to knitting 3 more squares, I continue to knit these little baby gifts for my co-workers and family.
These Mary Jane's were quick and easy to knit from the pattern found in this book which I bought last fall from Walmart. I used a minuscule amount of sport weight yarn for this 0-6month size. Please take a moment to check out the yellow buttons. I think they're adorable. They came from my high school pal, Patty, who so generously gifted me with her dear Grammy Marian's button collection! I fall into a state of Nirvana just trolling through the button box. My portal to cheap therapy!

Patty and I spent a blissful Monday afternoon this week at Barnes & Noble reading knitting magazines, knitting books,and drinking Decaf. Classic Neil Young playing overhead.

I succumbed to these purchases...

The Apron Book is delightfully nostalgic, with wonderful photos, recipes and even an actual apron pattern on the inside back cover!

A really nice book! It's feeding my desire to sew creatively!

But, Alas! I continue on my quest to finish the sweater, the birthday deadline long passed!

If you remember, I got carried away and didn't consider the v-neck decreasing on the left front previously, resulting in a frogging session and a re knit. I'm making progress as the decreasing just makes the rows shorter and shorter. Just a few inches away from finishing this side and then it's onto knitting the right side. I'll join the sides and back together then and either knit the two sleeves in tandem or circular knit each one from the drop shoulder down. I might interrupt this portion by picking up and knitting the button/neck band first. But, I do see this being complet-ed someday soon! By the way, lest you think there were no birthday goodies, I gave my husband a paper shredder instead, which he was THRILLED about!

Back to the book reviews

I think I own every book this woman's written by now. Again, a thoroughly enjoyable and easy reading book. I started reading it in bed Monday night. SPM never disappoints! Did I mention that I briefly chatted with her at Stitches, but was clueless as to her identity? Oh, right, I did. Shameless name dropping again ....

There's something in that Decaf....

Picture two grown women of a certain menopausal age group giggling hysterically over "The CUTE Book". Yep. People sitting with us in that little chair nook beat a hasty retreat, probably unable to take us anymore after being subjected to my previous outbursts of Apron Book glee!

I love this

And this!

We did no knitting at Barnsie's that day!
But, we did, nonetheless, have fun!