Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Having signed up for Secret Pal 11, I was notified by the lovely Christine of Girl Interrupted that I am eligible to participate in her contest whereby I must post my stash for the world to see! I'm game! The prize is, SURPRISE! More yarn! Just what I need, of course!

The timing couldn't be better, because my Yarn Room just went from being trashy last week to organized to the point where I have a pretty good idea where everything is! Let's have a looki-loo!

First, you enter.....
and see a closet to your left..

a dresser to your right. On the bed .....
merino waiting to be hand dyed.
The basket of Bernat for baby blankets and sweaters. I keep colorful ribbon here also.
Log Cabin blanket for charity.
My treasured angora yarn collection.

a drawer of woolen orphans and odd balls.
under the bed lies many bags of wool and mohairs
more orphans and oddballs.
my highly prized collection of koigu.

50 Gram balls of sock yarns.
100 gram balls of sock yarns.
novelty yarn drawer-once loved but now forgotten.
some little kits and Adornments to add into my knitting.
Some small amounts of different colored Noro Kuryeon.

Inside the closet are several bins of dk, worsted, SNC dishcloth cotton, and several UFOs hanging in the rack.
The top shelf holds many bags of yarn designated for specific projects,

such as the Clapotis, and sweaters I would love to knit.

yarn just hanging out until the creative urge hits me....

Foreground, dk for a ripple blanket, a Cupcake hat, unfinished and my husband's sweater that he's been waiting many years for me to complete.

The 2 suitcases hold scraps and yarn samples from the mail. I'll knit something with them someday.....small baby sweater naps in the project bag.

lose up of the closet shelf. I paid $2 for the darker cones and the teal mohair cost $20. How could I pass that up?

Having fallen in love with these colors in this inexpensive yarn one day I began to knit mitered squares.....
Yarns that need to be swatched for scarves, a hottie cover, a clapotis, and the Einstein jacket.
These would made a terrific shawl, don't you think so?
Last summer's yarn dying experiments waiting to be knit into socks and hats.
Oodles of Cotton yarn to be knit into the Mason-Dixon Ballband!

Well, Gentle Knitter, that's my stash! I hoped you enjoyed the tour. Feel free to send me your comments and suggestions.


CeElle said...

Wow - that was lots of fun! You've covered lots of ground in your last couple of posts! What a neat look into your world Mrs. B! So much fun. I have to try that zucchini pie... it looks delicious. That and fried green tomatoes are on my list.

What a nice home for your yarn - and projects. Thanks for the lovely stroll down fiber lane! It was a pleasure. And too for helping me appreciate and savor these last days of summer.

GI said...

My Lord! What a ton of yarn.

Ari said...

As I look over your stash photos I am laughing with delight! We're two of a kind! Great stash!

Anonymous said...

I'm reeling!! Guess I won't be sending yarn to you!! hee-hee! I'll find some other goodies!

Your SP11

hakucho said...

Oh no, and I thought I had too much yarn :)

Anonymous said...

I'm showing this to my husband the next time he complains about the spare room (aka yarn pile)

Elizabeth said...

Holy smokes! I don't feel the least guilty about my stash. And I agree with the other poster, this is something the DH has to see!

carole said...

Thank you, I feel so much better that I think I'll drive to Nazareth tomorrow morning... had every intention before thought too ;-) I got a postcard yesterday and planned my Sat morning around a SEX experience!

Karin said...

Thank you, you have just made me feel better. Now I can buy yarn at Kraemers tomorrow.

By the way, I spoke to Eileen today and she said that I should tell you I enjoyed your pictures of the New York trip.


KSee said...

OMG and so organized. What a spectacular room.

Barbara C. said...

Oh Gosh, well good for you anyhow!!!!
Barbara C.

monica said...

oh my god!!!! I have to show this to my husband who moans about my three small basked of wool!!!

happy knitting!

Em said...

HOLY COW!!!! I have never seen anyone with so much yarn!!!!! I'm just freaking out over here thinking about how long it will take you to go through that stash - I am in awe, and maybe a tinge green with jealousy! My yarn stash is all held in a large picnic basket in my sewing room... I just have to say Wow.... someday maybe someday! Em

Jan said...

ha what... drool, drool... Oh yes beautiful yarn. wonderful stash! what a variety! Have to go knit or eat now - maybe one more look...