Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Kringle seems to have a particular fondless for this cloth. Unfortunately, it was destined to travel to my exhange pal, Sue!


Time to let go, Kringle!

Should I send this photo to STUFF ON MY CAT?


Husband's sweater in the bag. Back portion is done. Need to cast on for the fronts-sleeves-bands. Most likely this will become the March birthday gift!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Sometimes friends provide that little bit of inspiration needed to motivate me to post!

And sometimes those friends need to be, (AHEM!) immortalized.

For your Halloween viewing pleasure, please allow me to present, my dear friend, Pinky!

Well, I'm thinking that the scarf is handknit, but I'm certain the socks are not.


In my opinion, the skirt could be knit with Art Yarn Regal Silk, color #115, pink and look quite lovely.

As for a head piece alternative, please note that I have been vowing to knit the following for several years and my son is terrified that I will someday wear this in public to humiliate him!

I think this a "must have" for those days when you need a little something extra to perk up your professional image!

Thanks to both and "Cashew" for keeping the smiles coming!

Girl, you are just too camp!

Friday, October 13, 2006


This was an attempt to knit a feather and fan baby blanket last year with DK weight yarn, no pattern and in the heat of summer! I got this far, off the needles it came, and a photo op before it's demise. It turned into a simple pinwheel blanket instead. Knitting is soooo forgiving!

I received many kind and supportive responses to the moaning and groaning featured on my previous blog-SO MUCH SO that I went and purchased more yarn for more projects!

Seriously, once the Yarn Room is finished I will be donating a very large portion of my yarn acquisition to my church Knitting Ministry because it will be put to good use there!

I'm happy to report that my family room has room for my family again!

Found a lovely new yarn shop called Knitwitz and So Much More in Hellertown, Pa. owned and operated by a lovely lady named Donna.


She's got a great assortment of yarns, all very current, with great colorways, from Berocco, Brown Sheep, and Peaches and Cream, to name just a few. Very shopper-friendly atmoshere. This shop is a real find! I'm a-going back!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Knitting A Purposeful Life.....

The summer has been officially over for a few weeks now, and I am caught up in the mad frenzy of cleaning, organizing, disgarding, and knitting, but not necessarily in that order.

I am in the process of moving my immense, yet glorious, yarn stash out of the t.v. room and basement into an upstairs small, spare bedroom. Problems lay with the issues of "immense' verses "small". There is minimal closet and dresser space. I am contemplating various storage options. I must make this work somehow.

The motivation for this massive undertaking was the observation that my family room was beginning to resemble:

1. My local yarn store.
2. A crowded and messy workshop.

I was feeling claustrophobic.....

This has caused me to reflect on my knitting life, and reach a conclusion:


In an effort to prevent an inevitable family intervention, I decided the time had come to take measures to contain, manage and resolve this little problem of mine. Let's relocate the stash!

It has turned into one major project!

Taking yarn inventory has forced me to face the fact that I have accumulated over the course of 8 years colossal amounts of yarn!!!

I've gotten re-acquainted with little fiberfriends I hadn't seen in years and had long forgotten about. "Hello Koigu"! "How ya doin', Noro"? "What's up, Bartlets?"

Yarn purchased with specific projects in mind, waiting patiently for years for that magic moment to occur when it is whisked away on golden needles to be created into beautiful gifts for my loved ones! There are many, many of these groups with the stash.

Others bought as single, precious, lonely oddballs, perfectly suited as a hat or combined with other orphans to form some small item for an emergency baby gift..

Yarn that was "On Sale', discontinued, or designated for charity knitting projects.

Yarns purchased in abundance for the latest KAL.
Can we say "ballband dishcloth?" The Lily people should feature my picture on their Sugar and Cream cotton labels.

Let's not even get into the novelty scarf knitting craze that isn't winding down as far as I can see, despite the indrustry trend reports!

I think you get the picture.

What the heck was I thinking?

Is this yet another example of gross consumerism? Or, perhaps the signs of serious mental illness? Am I a hoarder, in need of the false sense of security that having yarn somehow provides? A serious collector of fiber? A woman with an obsession? A Material Girl?

I could photograph Le Stash, but I am too ashamed to have an official record of my vice.

I cannot fathom the $ amount I've invested in my craft. Nor do I want to.

Catholic Guilt leads me to question how the money spent on yarn could have served a more practical purpose. I wanted only to bring happiness to others.


One last thought about my yarn issues.

Stitches East is one month away.

And, yes, I am going.

Be afraid. Be very afraid....

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I still am hooked on the ballband dish cloth pattern as you can see from my latest additional to our family's waaaarshcloth collection. And yes-we do us our waaaaarshcloths. They are working cloths in our house, you betcha! I've got more stockpiled.

"Why"?, you ask?

Because I signed up for the Mason-Dixon Waaarshcloth Exchange, that's why!!!

Must get my cloth in the mail tomorrow for my new knitting pal, Jen, over at Purse Ho.

Ya just gotta love somebody named Purse Ho!

Hi Jen!

^ ^


I, myself, am known to be a Yarn Ho, and there are many of us, I am told!

Finishing up some bibs and a baby sweater, plus need to knit several more baby things as got 4 baby showers before February! And, I've got Christmas knitting for family and friends to boot! More on that at a later date.

The ladies at church and I each knitted six 6 inch squares which I sewed together as a baby blanket. We raffled our community blanket to raise money for ProLife. Great job, ladies! My humble squares are the lavender ones. I have fun with our Knitting Ministry on Tuesday nights. Working on a log cabin blankie now. Want to knit hats for the shelter with the odd balls of LionBrand homespun donated to our group.

Do you ever feel as if you never get anything accomplished?

Sometimes I think I am doing lots of knitting and have very little to show for all that time and energy spent. But, when I look at my photos I am reminded that I actually do have a body of finished handknits, many knit as gifts, and some made just for me!

Here are a few examples:

This was the famous sockie book marker project of 2005 for my Mother-in-law's gift giving needs. They were knit with all kinds of different scraps of yarn I had hoarded. I loved knitting them, but 10 pairs-WHOA! Yes, I really must love my M-I-L!

I think it's out of my system now, so don't ask!

This is the delightful Turtleneck shrug pattern by Teva Durham from Scarf Style. Must rework the neck as it is a scosh too snug across the collar bones for my comfort. I knit this with Aplaca Grande, on sizes 10's to 11's, having adjusted pattern for gauge issues. Switching to larger needles along the sleeve made it taper nicely along the arm. Unfortunately, I in no way resemble the lovely model in the book when I slip this on. But, SO WHAT! My knitting makes me beautiful!!!! HaHa!

I love my Poncho! Is this the front?
Or is this? I wear it either way, depending on my many moods.

I've been thing about adding a little roll or funnel neck....


AAAAH! My corkscrew scarf. You haven't lived until you've bound off 1600 stitches!!!!

This the lovely Betty Blue wearing my Tiara and Matrix collar in a Sandstone colorway. Very easy and quick. Clipped with a pin over coat collar or turtleneck. Nice alternative to a long scarf. I collect heads. Just bought one yesterday at local shop. It has reddish brown hair and brown eyes, just like me. Will knit her a hat soon, I think.

I figured this out on my own sometime around Valentines day this year. Sugar and Cream cotton has a warm spot in my heart!

Hey, I got my LionBrand cataloque in the mail yesterday and it was loaded with great patterns. Their own, and by two old Bags, Fiber trends, to name a few. Patterns were knit with various LB yarns, and looked quite nice for the price! I'm getting knitting ideas for my stash!

Meanwhile, my husband's Christmas sweater grows slowly up the back.

Since camo is big this year again for the kids, and since I have a good supply of Bernat Camoflauge yarn stock piled, I'm thinking about a quick project like house socks or a knitted tie for my son, as well as the traditional G.I. wardrobe for his Joes, to put in his stocking again this year.

I haven't forgotten my knitting buds! I'm just not saying nothin'.

My lips are Kitchnered!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

ONE HOUR PHOTO THIS WAS NOT!!!! to post photos. Thanks Gil and Splindarella for the encouragement. Patience is a virtue! Knitting makes it all better!

This is a corner in my yard which serves as the setting for The Patriotic Dishcloth.

The beloved French Market Bag, free pattern at

It really is very sturdy and holds lots of stuff. Took it to The Knit and Crochet Show, and it held all my purchases nicely!

Goodies from the lovely Louise, all the way from Bath, U.K. My One Skein Pal is the best! Just look at those colors in that yarn!

Showing off the pedicure and the sandle sock. In my humble opinion, it was the perfect marriage between OPI and Trekking sock yarn!

Taking time for nourishment and knitting at the Knit and Crochet Show in July. New friends Marlene and Carolyn on the ends, with Jeanie, my knitting mentor, in the middle.

Where I sit to knit this summer. Ballband dishcloth and the Magic Pot Holder Loop Rug on the needles. Patterns found in Mason-Dixon Knitting book.
The Summer of the Dishcloth. Knitted, photographed, and given away already. New ones on needles. Ballband knitting mania!

And what are YOU knitting?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happy summer knitting!

For some reason ther appears to be a glitch on my blog which prevents me from posting any photos of current knitting. Been like this all week. SHEEEEEESH!

This is a shame, as I am so happy with the way my French market bag from turned out! I used Kraemer yarns Mauch Chuncky in eggplant and carrotcake colors. Knitted waaaaaaay big and felted really well after 2 cycles. I think one would have sufficed!

Have been doing many ball band dishcloths from Mason-Dixon book, and also completed several baby bibs, as well. Now knitting Petal bib from One Skein. Them babies keep a-comin! Another I know of in December due!I'm still knitting baby kimonos for my church knitting group. Would like to try my hand at a scrappy Log Cabin Blanket to donate in the fall.

Hopefully I'll be able to post my photos of these Kal FOs on the and sites.

I'm happy to report that I am making progress with knitting My Husband's Sweater-yes-that is the official name! It's only taken 5 years to age the wool and commit to a stitch pattern!
I finally settled on an Imitation Fisherman's Rib pattern:

Row 1, *Knit 3, P1, * rep
Row 2 *Knit 2, P1, Knit 1, * rep

Simple 1:1 rib for the bottom 2 inch band, and 8 inches of pattern knitted so far. Very pleased with the appearance and the wool I purchased from Webs. Alpaca/merino blend. Can feel some lanolin still. Planning to construct with drop shoulders and a collar. A Christmas present.

Found a cute Harry Potter Sweater pattern on the Wist site, so forgettabout knitting the scarf for my 12 year old son. He's at the sweater age, I think. Have enough of the encore yarn in the colors, I hope! October birthday gift..... well maybe.
BTW-Wist has pages of mostly free pattern photos with the links. What a find!

Going to Stitches East in Baltimore-must send money for bus trip and lodgings to Frogatha at Stitchykindathing. Going on a Friday overnight!

Can't forget to mention that Bev, my One Skein Pal, celebrated 50 years on July 22nd! Here's to another 50!

Many thanks, again, to Louise, the secret pal who sends to me. I did so much want to post the photo of the goodies she sent. The yarn is gorgeous! I made two terrific new knitting friends from the U.K.!

Also forgot to mention the fun I had at the Knit and Crochet Show at Valley Forge Convention Center in July. Have photo of Jeanie, and another two new knitting friends Marlene( through Jean) and Carolyn from the U.K.!
You ladies are lovely!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


In this case knitting past, present and future!


I started knitting this wrap several days BEFORE EASTER!! Yep- and it's about 18 inches long now......only46 more inches to go!

I'm working with Crystal Palace Kid Merino in 3 different pastel colors and Fizz Stardust in a beige gold yellow.


This is the BUCKET O' SUGAR AND CREAM STASH I've lovingly collected over the past two years. Many colors to choose from and the collection keeps growing!!! Mason-Dixon Knitting is inspiring me to focus on knitting with what I have....we'll see if I can stick to the plan! And the plan is to make a heap of waaarshcloths and baby kimonos from M-D and also those cute little cupcakes from One Skein Knitting.

Check out the sites. I've posted my FO photos! There's so much creativity on display that i just love going back weekly and seeing what everyones been contributing!


These are MY Babes inspired by that fabulous Knitted Babes book. They were knit from my stash and newly purchased supplies. now I have enough fat quarters and felt to outfit an army of Babes!The plan was to donate them to my son's school for their chinese auction. He won them back for sweet. Well, they're going to this year's church Christmas bazaar. Hopefully, the boomerang effect is thwarted this time! They were fun to knit, and I am having a hard time letting go!They are named Sally, Callie, and Ally. You do understand why they must go, don't you? When ya start naming them, there's a problem!!!!

Love my 2 U.K Pals from the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange! Looking foward to the August unveiling of who we all are...but it's sad too because it will end and it will be time to move along...sniff!

Would love to know what everyone thinks of the KALs for Mason-Dixon and One Skein. Drop me a comment and tell what you are knitting from the books!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gifts for a precious baby....under $30! Kimono is from Mason-Dixon Knitting book. Quick, easy, and a million possibilities! I used Bernat Cotton Tots yarn for both blanket squares and kimono. Laundered and became even softer!

All the calories were removed! KNITTER'S HONOR!


So I've been a bit busy with all this knitting and teaching knitting, as well as just thinking about knitting...

Also joined the One Skein Secret Pal exchange and received some lovely goodies from Louise from Bath, U.K. I thank you so very much, Louise!Trying to decide what to knit with the beautiful skein of Hip Knits Rose Leaf cotton she sent. I'm intriqued by the petal baby bib and the felted bowls....

I 'm following the Monthly Dishcloth exchange found on Yahoo daily. Don't know yet if I will be able to contribute a dishcloth to the group for the July exchange, but want to try!

Signed up for the Mason-Dixon KAL too, since I am so enamored by the book! It's just so pleasing to the eye to sit and thumb through it. Everything in it just appeals to the practical knitting side of me! Love the log cabins, kimono, dishcloths, and the rugs, just to name a few.

My son chained together two 10 oz. bags of potholder loops and I've started knitting a rug on size 35s inherited from beloved Aunt Rose Smith who is for eternity crafting in heaven!

Speaking of my son, what follows is a conversation NO parent thinks they will ever have with their child:

Me: "Thanks, sweetie, for looping these loopies together-hope there's not too many for you"?
Son: No problem, Mom. Can I take them on the school bus, instead of my gameboy?" really happened. Call the Ripley's people!

Request was tactfully denied due to concerns that bus full of rowdy 11 year olds would use yarn ball to toss at each other, as well as the potential for detention, let alone bus driver rage, accident, etc.

I've been knitting those dishcloths like it's my life's mission. I really am finding it difficult to stop!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Mason-Dixon KAL To You-All!

Couldn't resist joining, so now my big angst is "what to knit?" from this adorable book! I'm thinking the kimono with leftover Bernat cotton, and maybe a bib.....
Back to the knitting!

Friday, May 05, 2006


Many thanks to all the terrific people who make nursing such a wonderful profession!

Lots of knitting on the needles this month.....

Here's the summer knitting treatment plan:

1. Finish mitered squares baby boy blanket by May 25!

2. Sew together 36 garter stitch squares for St. Joe's Knitting Ministry by June 10 in time for ProLife Garage Sale!

3. Cast on for ankle socks for me!

4. Finish and felt French Market bag-only have handles left to knit!

5. Finish Kid Merino shrug-it's no longer an Easter scarf!

6. Dye Paton's Classic wool sample with Wilton cake icing, Teal, knit up a coaster, and felt it for June 1st.

7. Begin SOMETHING with the gazillion balls of Sugar and cream cotton-

will find inspiration from the much loved Mason-Dixon knitting book!

8. Knit rug from the colossal yarn ball #1 son is constructing out of potholder loops.

9. Consider baby gift for co-worker due in January 2007.

Will post pictures when available-so happy knitting to all for now!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006



So to end the fever I bought the book and signed up for the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange. Very much looking forward to the swap, and considering what I will knit from One Skein to send to my pal in August. Thinking of knitting a cupcake for my sister-in-law for Easter dinner as a lark! Would make a cute hostess gift, I think!

Go to and to see what all the buzz is about. You even get to peek inside the book to see some of the offerings. It was well worth $19.95!
My favorites, beside the cupcakes, are Petal baby bib, tank top, baby bolero, garter mittens, felted bowls, OH, JUST GO BY THE BOOK ALREADY-IT'S TERRIFIC!

Also bought Nicki Epstein's Knitted Flowers. Each photo is a work of art.

And finally, I was completely charmed by the Mason-Dixon Knitting book, as it is chock full of folksie-gone-contemporary knitting ideas that will keep me busy this summer with the mountain of Sugar and cream cotton yarn I have collected.


kid merino Easter scarf

dish cloth baby blanket squares

french market basket


ankle socks with Trekking- free pattern to be found at

flower wash cloth from Weekend Knits with 1824 cotton

Monday, February 27, 2006



Let's just say I tried to resist as long as I could, but I am afraid I have succumbed to this KNITTED BABE CRAZE!

I think these are just the coolest dolls and so open to creative expression!
so, I rationalize knitting these cuties by telling myself I will donate them to my son's school for their tricky tray fundraiser next month.....We shall see....

Here are some samples from Claire Garson's book, which I bought after eying it for about a month at Barnes and Nobles.