Tuesday, March 25, 2008


After my family colored our Easter eggs I was left with a large amount of food coloring. Since I am knitoriously cheap-thrifty-compulsive-what-have-you about some things, I decided that the leftover dye should be used to color my Knitpicks lace weight yarn so generously donated last year by Jeanie, my Knitting Amiga.
I had 2 skeins, 880 yards each, so I could ultimately knit a small shawl or several pairs of socks from them, someday.

Tutorial for Knitoriously Cheap Dye Job:
Undyed yarn from stash
Leftover food color from Easter egg coloring
white vinegar
Pyrex dish
plastic wrap
pot holders
latex/rubber gloves
clothesline or drying place
clothespins or plastic hangers

After soaking briefly in cool water to which a couple of glugs of white vinegar was added, I gently squeezed much of the water out of each skein. Each skein was tied securely in several places!
I placed the skein in my trusty Pyrex baking dish.
I had my leftover food coloring in several plastic cups, so all I did was line the cups up and pour in the color sequences you see above. Using a fork, I pressed down on the yarn in several places to disperse the coloring throughout the yarn.
Since I was a bit stingy with my pours, as I wanted to assure that I had enough coloring for the second skein, I took my spray bottle and misted the skein with water to help saturate the colors even more to eliminate any bare spots. Again, I pressed the yarn with my fork.
Pretty, yes? I drained off any excess colored water from the dish. That way I had more control over any colors running where they were unwanted.

Covering the entire dish with plastic wrap, I microwaved it on normal setting over 3 minutes for 3 intervals ( 9 minutes total) Important to monitor the yarn during each cook cycle. Your kitchen may have a temporary wet wool odor!
Using potholders to remove the hot dish from the microwave, and removing the plastic wrap, I slid the skein into my sink. Any remaining water in the skein ran clear when the skein was pressed with a fork.
Flipping it around a bit with my fork to study the results, I let the skein cool for several minutes while I readied the second batch of yarn for coloring.
I diluted the remaining food coloring in the cups with some tap water and gently swirled the coloring around in the cups before pouring onto the second skein. This time I was going for a more pastel color effect. I purposely avoided covering all the white areas this time.
Again, cover with plastic wrap and cook slow while keeping a careful watch on your yarn!
Meanwhile, the first batch has cooled down enough that I could comfortably handle it. Didn't need to use the rubber gloves on standby because the coloring had set nicely! I let it soak for 5 minutes in cool water.
Here it is resting after the water was squeezed out of it.
After batch #2 was cooked and cooled, it also got a cool water bath for 5 minutes...
After draining the sink and squeezing out any water I was happy with these results too!
Here they both are hanging out to dry in my backyard.
Now, Gentle Knitter, doesn't it look more like Spring?
Now, I need to come up with names for my new yarns!
Yes, I'm still knitting away on Mike's sweater. You know, the sleeves have stopped growing! Just like that. I keep knitting and yet they appear to remain the same length!
And, yet, I persevere!
Have a great knitting week!


hakucho said...

Very pretty :)Now to see what you knit with it....

Anonymous said...

My husband had to wander over and see what was on the screen. That was neat! Thanks for sharing. I still don't see myself dyeing, but that was much "easier looking" than I imagined!

DawnK said...

Very pretty! I can't wait to see it wound up into a ball and then knit with! Have fun!

Amanda said...

This is really cool! I love the colors that you've come up with. Now you have to knit it up so that we can all see the results!

carole said...

great minds think alike!
I dyed up some handspun to donate to church for our goods and services auction for the mission trip.. I have a pic on my blog.

I also have some that I dyed with some coffee... haven't wound that yet as um... didn't have it tied in enough places... I won't go there, but right now it isn't a pretty sight..

carole said...
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BunnyStamping said...

Your yarn turned out looking so pretty! You have inspired me to try this myself very soon. :)

Lindy said...

So pretty!!! I've always wanted to do that. I guess the first step would be buying some yarn that can be dyed.... *sigh*

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Too Cool !!!

KSee said...

I just love this. Thanks for sharing. The colors are so fun. Can't wait to see what you knit up

carole said...

i was mistaken my handpun is romney.. i digress.... do you use the chopsticks for needles as well??? I use them for my kids at school. We started today. 25 kids... crazy! I think we must be soul sisters somehow...

smariek said...

I can't wait to see what you make with these. Thanks for sharing how you did this. Since you used laceweight, I couldn't help but think of "noodles" while looking at your photos, lol.

Mary Anne said...

Gorgeous colours! Those skeins look edible and yummy.

OhAmyKP said...

Thanks for these instructions. I want to dye but I keep thinking it will be so messy. Now I know it doesn't have to be.

Will this process work if I use cool Aid coloring instead of food coloring?