Monday, May 23, 2011

BABY SHOWERS and all that knit...

If you're wondering what I've been up to, well it involves lots of knitting and crocheting for all those babies who are getting ready to be born in the upcoming months! Their Moms all work with me, it seems. So I've put most of my personal knitting and crocheting to the side for the time being.

For the most part I've been trolling for baby patterns on the net, pouring through my personal library, and all the patterns stored in my filing cabinet (yes, it's that bad-did you think I only collected yarn?) in search of THE PERFECT BABY PATTERN. What qualifies as "perfect"? It must be:
1. Cute as-all-get-out!
2. Adaptable to the yarns in my STASH-stash friendly!
3. Not too fussy a written pattern
4. Something that little baby wouldn't be embaressed to be seen in

So there are lots of baby patterns out there and at home, but the problem lies in that there are JUST SO MANY to choose from!

Since the stress of the hunt was making me gnash my teeth, I decided to take some sort of decisive action and design this little bib (QUICK! STASH-FRIENDLY! BABY WORTHY)
Although by no means would I ever consider this a perfect baby pattern, my design is simple to work up in no time flat. It's worked in Tunisian Crochet (SURPRISE! You should have seen that coming!) It makes a bib that is thick and looks woven, so baby or toddler stays nice and tidy!
It's so easy and did I menton that it goes really fast? Give it a try.

Basic TSS-Tunisian simple stitch-is so easy to learn if you know how to chain and work a single crochet already. Here is a great video to help you get started

Enjoy and get crackin' 'cause those babies arrive sooner than expected more times than not! THE TC BABY BIB by Linda Ball

1 skein stash yarn-worsted weight cotton or acrylic (I used Sugar and Cream cotton from my stash!)
Hook size G

Chain 37
Begin TSS by picking up 36 loops to create the foundation/base row.
You will have a total of 37 loops on your hook
Work as directed in video until bib is 8 inches long. Wasn't that simply the most mindless fun!

O.k. Now it's time to start binding off and make the straps:
Watch this video!

Ready-let's go!
Starting a forward pass, (go toward the left-remember?)
Work 9 TSS, then bo 19, then continue to TSS 9 st. You'll have loops, a big gap, and more loops!

Now, continue working TSS on the single strap ( the strap will be on the left side of the bib facing you and you will have loops on the hook on the right edge for a while while you work this strap!) for 6 inches, B/O these stitches, and cut yarn.

Attach the yarn to the bound off neck edge nearest to the loops on the hook and work a return pass on the remaining loops. Now work TSS for 6 inches.

Time to make the buttonhole!
Starting with a Forward pass, work 4 stitches, B?O 1 st, work 3 st.
Return pass: Work 4, chain 1, work remaining stitches.
Continue in TSS until strap measures 7 inches total, then B/O and cut yarn. Weave in all ends. Securely sew on button to opposite strap. Wet block to tame that bottom curl of you're not going to attach a edge.

RUFFLE EDGE (optional)
I knit my ruffle by picking up and knitting the stitches along the edge for one row. I worked in stockinette pattern , increasing the stitch number by knitting in the front and back loops in each stitch across on every right side row and just purling straight back on every wrong side row.

Do this until you get the ruffle length and fullness you want and then B/O. I repeated this one time before I was satisfied. A crocheted edge would look beautiful too! Lots of possibilities!

Now, wasn't that quick? Leave a comment telling me how yours turned out or if there are any issues with the pattern.
Send me a photo link if you'd like! Hope you enjoyed this pattern!

This is a free pattern from me to you, so please don't sell this pattern or any article made from it. Why not make one to gift and another to give to your favorite baby charity!


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Thank you so much Linda for visiting!
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Super cute bib! Love the ruffles :)

Nice and thick, perfect bib material. Thanks for the pattern!

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Hello again Linda!
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