Thursday, August 09, 2007


As busy as I should be in my quest towards Domestic Goddess status, finding time to knit outside always wins! The weather has been beautiful in between thunderstorms, so I have been making the most of it! Once the pool temperature hits 84 degrees I'm in it!

I love the new Interweave knits, especially the Toe Up Sock Project on page 60. I am so into cable knitting at the moment, probably because of the afghan squares I've been knitting for charity. I want to knit Ambrosia, Honeycomb and Flying Buttress first, followed by the rest! Terrific patterns, not to mention I adore anything that Ann Budd designs! If I hosted a KAL would anybody come?
I finally got up the gumption to start the final square, and although it seemed a little complex in the beginning, by the third row it was smoother sailing! I am a strong believer in using Posties to mark my place in patterns of this sort. I also am getting very comfortable cabling without a cable needle! Not hard to do at all I discovered!
I like the look of this square, and these bobbles seem less labor intensive than previous ones-just k, p, k, p, k in the same stitch, turn, knit back on the 5 loops, turn, purl back on the 5 loops and then pass the 2Nd, third, 4Th and 5Th stitches one at a time to the left over the 1st stitch on your right needle.

Slipper socks for a small child made for charity from donated yarns and buttons from my collection. Easy and gratifying at the same time!

So, how is your week going?


CeElle said...

Hello Sweetie,

My week's going OK - at this point, I don't like to admit it but I get a little tired of the heat and humidity. I know that I should be grateful, but...

Of course I wasn't really mad about the tag... I just couldn't resist picking on you the tiniest bit. :) All is good, Mrs. B. Thank you for thinking of me.

I wish you the nicest of afternoons. Be blessed~

Tea said...

Oh my, sigh....the life of Mrs. B...we can only wish...our pool is the blow up kind...snickers. Really, it's a hoot for the grandgals, but I'll be sticking a pin to it next week as school will be in session for them.;)

Now seriously, I'm absolutely envious of your sock making skills! I'm just getting back into socks, and my needles (they were out of Addis at my LYS, so I got S.Bates and she) just ain't working. I'm going to order Knitpicks fixed circulars today and just hope I can do as well as you are.

I have that same afghan book! :)
I love it, and I need to get working on some of those squares, too. Have you tried the anchor yet? I did last year, but got baffled and gave up on it. I'm better able to follow all the twists and turns now.

I so enjoy your posts!
Knit on, Mrs. B. :)

hakucho said...

Cable knitting outside in the glorious that's happy knitting :)

Very cute slippers!