Tuesday, May 08, 2007


With much anticipation we hit the road at 6 am and set out in our new mini van to drive the 170 miles to the sheep show. WOW! Was the line on the highway off the Fairgrounds Road long! A preview of just how crowded the fairground parking lot field was.

We were very prepared for the festival sun so the Amigas took a moment to model for the camera their sun bonnets.

That's me in my lovely sage straw hat. See what real ladies look like at 51.

Since this was a festival that showcased sheep and wool, I snapped a picture of some livestock so you, Gentle Knitter, will get the flavor of the festival.

And here are the Amigas immersing themselves into the spirit of the festival as they wait on an extremely loooooooooong line to purchase their Socks That Rock yarn from Blue Moon. We were lucky to get some, as it was pretty much picked through by the time we got there at 10 am!

They did leave a few skeins for me......

This was interesting and totally unexpected:
We were waiting on the looooooong line at Blue Moon just to look and I glanced over at this gal who had a nice assortment of STR in her arms and after saying something I hoped would sound witty ( it wasn't, I'm sure) I gasped! Looks soooo familiar. Could it be? Is this my Monthly Dishcloth Group 2006 Exchange pal person Jen? The Purse Ho???!!! All the way from the other side of the continent???

So I asked if it were indeed her, and a frightened look came over her face for a nano second. Her Amiga spoke for her and admitted it was her!!!

I was AMAZED! She was somewhat relieved that I wasn't some psycho. I mean, what if it wasn't her. One doesn't normally go up to someone in public and ask them if they are a Purse Ho, now do they?

So, the fabulous Purse Ho and I had a photo snapped together with our cameras, and we parted ways. But it was a nice chance encounter. The Amigas were awed at the Karma of it all.

Check out her blog to see what she bought....

I was fascinated by this group of ladies who were Team Knitting a blanket that they are donating to Afghans For Afghans. They graciously consented to a photo for my blog.

We spent Saturday and Sunday at the festival, but left a little early when we ran out of yarn bucks! It would have been totally masochistic to continue going to the vendors if we couldn't buy. The 3 Amigas just don't do that!
So we did miss seeing a few of the vendors, but hey! Next year!

It took me until today to recover from the walking and driving....
So I dumped my goodies on my bed today and couldn't believe I spent $$$ with so little to show for it. Or maybe it just seems like it because of a Post Festival Letdown?

Old book, possibly out of print, good price, great knitting tips covering just about EVERYTHING!

Roving from Peace Fleece. I had seen a gal somewhere knitting with just roving and I wanted to try that too.

These are all the patterns that I want to knit and should help to reduce the stash that my husbands says I will never knit. HA!

I limited myself to just one skein of Koigu KPPM for my collection. Besides, Jeanie and Nan didn't leave any left for anyone else. Like the sheepy BFL ornament?

Nan bought this skein of Hemp for me. It will be a shawl.
I was indulgent. I have always wanted to own a pair of Mango Moon needles but couldn't justify buying them when I have so many needles already. I'm glad I did succumb because they knit beautifully!

TA-DA! Socks That Rock. One skein is going to my Secret pal 10 person because she really loves to knit socks and I think she will really like This yarn.

Grab shopping bag full of yarn for $40 at Wool in the Woods. Thinking of mitered squares something. Any suggestions, anyone? Did I get a good deal?

Rayon/cotton yarn for a shawl.

Claudia for socks. Jeanie thought these reminded her of watermelon, so I'll sew black beads on them!

I started knitting with the roving. Peel, draft, knit. Wonder what it will be?

Back to my regular knitting life.

Another pregnancy, another baby gift.


Jen da Purse Ho said...

i never thought to knit just the roving from peace fleece. dammit..now i want to try it!! :)

that pic of you and me came out great! thanks for sharing it. hehehe.e :)

Tea said...

Great pictures, wonderful yarn! Yes ma'am, you got a good deal. (what do I know);)I do know I'm jealous of those new needles! Thanks for sharing your trip to the festival; fun.

hakucho said...

Glad you had such a good time...lucky you for being fortunate to go :)

Enjoy all your lovely purchases and don't knit too much ;)

happy knitting :)

Karen said...

Wow... I was so overwhelmed by the wooly goodness I don't think I even knew Blue Moon was there... ugh.

glad you had a good time, and looks like you had fun based on your yarn yummies!

Secret Pal said...

9 skeins of glorious wool for $40? Ummm...yeah that's a deal! The watermelon yarn? I would give my right arm for it if I didn't need sacrificial arm for knitting. Gorgeous! Glad you had a great time. I wasn't able to go this year, but maybe next year you can ask me if I'm your Secret Pal Ho ;-D

Secret Pal said...

By the way, I'm making the same bib in the same yarn for a soon-to-be baby too!

Lacey said...

Ahh, your yarn haul is soo very beautiful. :D I must find a place to touch the STR sock yarn, I've never even seen it in person. :P

I think you all managed to claim a larrrrge amount of yarn at the festival.

Oh, and check out my blog, I've tagged you. :D