Monday, April 30, 2007


The Intrepid Maggie, my AK Secret Pal 2005, keeps me informed of the Yarn Harlot's adventures. As you may remember, I spoke with her briefly at Stitches without knowing I was in the presence of Yarn Harlotness.
Anyway, Mags sent this video from a Let's Knit Podcast filmed last year when Stephanie organized a Knit In at John Lennon's Memorial in Central Park.

Sock Knitters from all over joined together.

All we are saying...
is give socks a chance...

I think John would have approved.

So what am I up to this week?

Not too much.

I sent off a baby gift to one of my friends from work who had her baby in November!

These should be nice for warm warm weather. I included the pair of maryjane booties from a previous post. I either have to knit bigger sizes for the remainder of my baby gifts or knit with cotton. My solution to this baby gift backlog is to just knit baby stuff that I find cute with the yarns I love and then gift them when the occasion calls for it! I wonder if others have this problem! I mean-4 babies between November and February, with all the other projects I've got going....

By the way, Maggie also sent me the link to Christmas At Sea and I've added it to my Knitorious List. Maybe my Knitting Ministry at my Church might consider this program as charity project? It sounds like a very worthwhile endeavor. I'm thinking of the scarf because I've got plenty of stash.....

See why I have a knitting backlog?

Mike's sweater has not been touched in weeks! It lanquishes in a corner in the Yarn Room. Cannot bear the guilt!

On a happier note:
Have made real progress with knitting 2 Toe Up Socks On One Long Circular Needle! I am proud to say I have several rows of 2:2 ribbing going on the cuff! I will take it travelling with me on to Maryland this weekend. Just on case I run into Harlot....

Guess I better bring her latest book also! Would love an autograph!

Sent off my goody box to my Secret Pal 10 and was glad to learn from her that she was happy with everything I sent. What a relief! She has a lifestyle that involves sheep and yarn ....SSSSHHHH! Can't say anymore! I've begun compiling Box #2 for this month and no doubt will find some things for her in Maryland this weekend!

Preparing for our pilgrimage to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, or, as my dentist, Fay the Sock Knitter calls it, The Sheep Show!

Would you believe my eye doctor has a sheep farm but does not knit? Appalling, isn't it? I must convert her!


Happy to see that there will be lots of vendors and a Sheep to Shawl competition.

I'm really looking forward to fondling some Morehouse Merino
yarn after all these years of drooling over their website! I'm contemplating 2 skeins of their Monet Variegated Lace Weight yarn for a voluminous scarf!

I'll also make a point to stop by Shadyside Farms to buy a skein or two of their gorgeous Shepardess yarn. You know I will bring home some ANGORA (!) and Hand Dyed Romney. I always buy from them at Stitches and the Knit And Crochet Shows.

I actually have the Rambling Rows Project kitted with their Mohair blend aging in the Yarn Room.
For the last 2 years!

Koigu Yarns will also be there and I expect this will be The Three Amigas Largest Concentrated Purchase Target. My Grand Plan is to record the lot numbers of what KPPM I have on hand so as not to duplicate. Not that this is possible, given the diversity of colors they offer, but ya never know!

There is just going to be so much to see, do and buy! I will practice self control, and also be a friend by helping The Amigas not overspend too!

Wish us luck!

Pictures and story to follow next Monday!


Jeanette said...

Thanks for posting our button, lady!
Jeanette, Christmas at Sea

hakucho said...

Cute baby things...the yellow bib is so cute, 2nd one I've seen this week.
Such a nice gift!

happy knitting :)

Tea said...

Very nice baby knits. Have fun at the festival..can't wait to hear all about it.