Monday, May 28, 2007


I've been slowly falling in love with this color combination that seemed to be everywhere the past year.

Robin Egg Blue. This subliminal influence compelled me toward the purchase of cheap, but lovely TLC Essentials Acrylic yarn by Red Heart last week.
As you can see, there's a pattern of color developing in things I have recently acquired, with no relationship to my home's decor.

So how will this infusion of nature's palate blend with my eclectic tastes? Don't really know, nor care! Just gotta knit these suckers into mitered squares!

Blame it on the Mason-Dixon Knitting Fever, and those lovely gals Kay and Ann!

Here's the start of my mitered square knitting journey.

And, it wasn't too long before the needles had produced this!

I'm partial to the four row two color stripey pattern on the upper left.
Also like the simple variegated square and imagine future ones will knit up slightly different each time. Want to try using my colors in different thicker stripe combinations for the square in the upper right corner.

Very, very easy.

The purse was acquired this year from AC Moore during my attempt to shrug off winter. Notice the color. This mitered square bug must have laid dormant for a while before emerging. Just was waiting for the right colors, I suppose.

Not found in my stash.

Of course, you understand completely!

I have a plan.

The squares measure six inches each, so, by my calculations,
36 (six across and six down) squares without a border will give me a 36 inch square blanket. Baby size. Considering I am just doing random designs along with the 4 row stripey pattern , I am having fun playing with the 4 colors. I am going to combine 6 different color design patterns into 9 groups of 4 squares. Picture a Nine Patch Quilt gone wild. But, in a good way.

And, if you, Gentle Knitter, feel like you, too, are susceptible to this bug, follow this link to the directions so kindly posted by these great gals of knitting!

Pick your own colors and color combos.

Consider donating your finished blanket to a worthy cause of your choosing.

Did I hear someone say "Baby Shower"?

How about a much needed and certainly would be appreciated larger blanket for Christmas At Sea?

Believe me, the fun factor and sheer mindless knitting with endless color design possibilities is gonna hook you!

I'll gladly post whatever photos of the creations my Gentle Knitters send to me.

Happiness is only one square away!

Just have to brag about my knitting student Hollie. After taking just one basic lesson she decided PAAAASHAAAW with those puny dishcloths and her resolve to knit bigger and better evolved into this gorgeous baby blanket using Caron Perfect Match Baby Rainbow.

It does a knitting instructor proud! You keep knitting, Ya Hear! It's in your blood!
Have a fabulous knitting week!


carole said...

love the colors together.... of course brown looks good with so many colors... as does gray... I need to get knitting!

smariek said...

Everyone needs an addiction, lol. Can't wait to see your finished blanket.

And good for you for spreading the knitting bug...

Secret Pal said...

Why Mrs. B., we have matching bags! I too enjoy that color combo even though it's never something I contemplated before. A friend of mine is addicted to mitered squares and I think the bug might bite me someday soon as well. (Yours look fantastic and what a great idea for a baby blanket!) First I need to make one of those Mason Dixon warshrags though.

hakucho said...

Love that color combo. Looks like you are well on your way to a beautiful mitred blanket. Way to go Hollie. You did a fantastic job on your first baby have a great teacher!

happy knitting :)

Tea said...

I love the browns and robin egg blue colors together. Can't wait to see the blanket. Kudos for teaching Hollie. Way to go, Hollie!

you da mom! said...

lol, my baby announcements were this color combo. i love it, too!

Karen said...


That happens to be my favorite Vera bag that you and I share :-)

What a wonderful color combination! I'll have to keep that in mind when I decide to knit my next blanket (along with the thousands of other color combos)