Monday, May 14, 2007


Hope you lovely knitters had a wonderful Mother's Day! I was fortunate to spend the day relaxing, knitting and giving our porch furniture a bit of a painting re-do. My family assumed all household duties for the day, so I was a domestic goddess for the day, doing what I wanted to do! Which meant I was able to get quite a bit of knitting done on my latest project. (please don't ask me about Mike's sweater-it's resting.)

Maybe it was the wine, but I kept hearing strains of "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" repeating softly in my brain....

This is the Diamond Pillow from Debbie Bliss's Home made spectacular by including angora for the little diamonds a la Yarnstorm. I've been wanting to play around with this pattern for some time, ever since I first spotted this pattern on Jane's popular blog, so I finally decided to take the needles in hand and have at it! I just love experimenting and am pleased with how the colors are combining to create a soft and soothing cushion.

I knit the background in a neutral Rowan Cashsoft DK and the angora/merino blend is from Gedifra; baby pink, rose and teal. Both yarns are a little bit of heaven to knit with and I am now a big fan of all things Rowan.

I had a surprise. My Secret Pal 10 person sent me a lovely card for Mother's Day and it was just the pick-me-up needed on Friday! It's so nice to have such kind thoughts coming my way from a stranger, yet a kindred spirit too! I am soooo curious as to her identity and she dropped some hints that she is from my area and that WE MAY HAVE MET! Gosh! Wouldn't that be something? I mean, if if I can have a random encounter with the Purse Ho at MS&W, then who knows what can happen next!

Oh, mustn't forget to tell you, Gentle Knitter,

I've been tagged by Lacey, over at Random Stitches.
I love being tagged. I feel like I'm getting my 15 minutes of fame! But, this one feels like real work, folks!
The rules of the game are that I must reveal 7 random facts about myself. I then need to tag 7 others & list their names on my blog. For this I am sure some will curse me and my knitting will go all to hell!
I also have to leave those I tagged a note in their blog comments letting them know they have been tagged & to direct them to read my blog for the rules of the game.

7 Random Facts About Mrs. B. -Ho-Hum!

1. When I was born I was named Lois initially, but my name was changed to Linda before I was Baptised. I have no idea why this occurred.
2. I truly and madly adore the Law & Order franchise. All of them. I was crushed when Trial By Jury was cancelled. If it weren't for my family I'd watch it 24/7.
3. My dream is to be invited by the producer of L&O to play the Judge that gets to say " Bail set at $100,000" , or "Remand until trial". And bang the gavel. Every week the Bail judge is someone different, so why not me?
4.I once stood shoulder to shoulder next to John McEnroe at outside of Carnegie Hall in NYC. He looked casually into my eyes, and because I feared he'd flashback to one of his tennis match meltdowns, I looked away! I remember he had very nice skin and his hair was sprinkled nicely with bits of gray.
5. I prefer Pepsi to Coke.
6. I can write backwards in cursive.
7. My favorite movie is "It's a Wonderful Life", and I recite dialogue during the movie. The weeping starts as the movie begins....

That's it for me. Now for my victims...I mean knitting colleagues!
I decided to pick alphabetically from the Monthly Dishcloth Group Blog List. I tried to pick people I wasn't familiar with and hopefully they'll see some fun in all of this!

I'm tagging

I'm looking forward to reading every ones seven little factoids!

Have a great knitting week!


Lacey said...

We're still working out the pricing. Trying to decide whether or not to go cheaper price and charge shipping or higher price with free shipping. But I assure you, they won't be over $25. Thanks for looking, I'm so excited!

Rhonda said...

All I know is that is so unfair... but sounds like some fun!
Rhonda "The Freaky Knitter"

Secret Pal said...

Oh how I heart Rowan!

I'm so glad you liked the card! I love getting things other than bills in the mail and figured you might too!

I enjoyed your meme! I also love L&O, the original being my fave. However, I watched the latest with Vincent D'Onofrio and I thought it was excellent.

I am a coke girl, but I do indeed love "It's a Wonderful Life".

Happy Knitting!

lauriec said...

I start when he yells at the kids, then when clarence shows up it's a box o'kleenex until the credits roll!

To my brother George Bailey, the richest man in town!!

Scarlett said...

Leonardo Da Vinci wrote everything in bacwards cursive. I like coke better.

I got tagged a couple of times and posted my 7, just saying.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

hakucho said...

Your diamond pillow looks very interesting! Pretty color combo.

happy knitting :)

Lacey said...

Sea Monkey is up and ready for purchase! :D

Michelle said...

YOu made my day :) and I am so happy to have found your blog. I am enjoying catching up. Your knitting is lovely!