Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My very own Secret Pal 10 person surprised me with a delightful package of goodies on Friday! I was so excited I couldn't unwrap fast enough! Look at the adorable soap she made just for me! Vanilla-Lavender. YUM! I'm squeaky clean!

So, I poured myself a cup of 3/4 decaf-1/4 regular coffee into the ol' X File mug and snapped a photo to share with everyone.

My Pal knows me well. Yes, I do knit those dishcloths for others and keep precious few for myself, so her sweet little dishcloth is most welcome in my kitchen! See the chocolate bunny on the left? One word. Gone!The chocolate covered strawberries are in the freezer for later attacks!
Love the watermelony tin and teensie book. And, oh how I love buttons!
Best of all was the warm note she included in my package!
Thanks so very much, Dear Secret Pal! This is such fun!

Which reminds me! Must get MY package to My Pal out in the mail TODAY!


Secret Pal said...

So glad you liked everything. It wa about time I sent something out! You're easy to spoil, Mrs. B!

Tea said...

Your secret pal spoiling you; send her my way. ;) Love the soap (and the dish you have it in.) I'll have to try the vanilla/lavender combo.

hakucho said...

Love your "surprise" :)

Maria C from work said...

Heigh ho. Found you. I'm sitting in Dani & Johnnys cafe in High Bridge just catching up. After 2 weeks at work I realize that the first day of down time is spent puttering about with crafts and not a lot of energy. Knitting does, in fact, fit that description fine.
Today I used Gallery Glass to solve a little domestic dispute: Bathroom shade up or down? I had bought a few cheap large picture frames. The glass was so flimsy I used sticky plastic film to cover both sides of it, and painted on the plastic. That way if I want to change the painting I can peel off the plastic. I plan to hang the finished product from the curtain rod with brass chain and cup hooks.
I'll check out your projects. After a few more paychex maybe I too can post digital pictures.

maria c from work again said...

oh yeah. My favorite source of needles is the dowel bin at the hardware or craft store. With a saw and pencil sharpener I can make basically what I want and not be too concerned with keeping the set together.

carole said...

lucky girl
Palmer elementary is in Palmerton.... although easily comfused with palmer township

I live close enough.. bethlehem.... maybe someday I
ll get to B and N to meet you... what night do you go to knit???

Lori said...

This secret pal club sounds fun. How can a person join?