Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have absolutely no clue as to the whereabouts of last week.
I know it was here, and I was present in the moments of that week, but how I spent those moments are vague. Easter, certainly, was fun and full of family, so must accept that I was busy preparing for the holiday.

But the days after Easter, I dunno!
I know I did some knitting, yes, on The Sweater, and have a scant 3 inches left to finish on the left side.
I also began knitting The Cupcake Hat, and a stripey Encore version of the Mason-Dixon Baby Kimono.
I have all my baby yarns purchased for the current baby projects sequestered in a large round basket so I can stay organized.
I have to do some damage control with the Checkeaton sleeve to sleeve baby cardigan because all the measurements are written in centimeters and I think I misinterpreted the directions as inches. Let's just say it might be too wide or too narrow. Looks like I need to sit down and just force myself to do the conversions! And then frog a bit! What was I thinking? SSHEEEEEEEEEESH!
I'm so not metric!

On a brighter note, I bought some books, 2 on sale and one not, but coupon worthy nonetheless, thanks to Barnes and Noble.

Excellent basic sweater patterns and you can't beat the price of this book!Take a closer look! What a deal!

I had been following this on Ebay for a few days, and I was outbid. No worries, I used a coupon and was happy! Great embroidery patterns! I even bought some smaller hoops to use on baby onesies. Now, if I just can find some time...

Hence, this book, currently on my nightstand. I don't consider myself a crazed, overachieving mom, but maybe I'll see myself in this book? Curiosity compelled me buy this book, which explores the "mommy mystique", not unlike that "problem without a name" which Betty Friedan wrote about too many years ago. We could all use less stress in our lives, I think, and more time to knit!

Friday, Amiga Nan ( poor Amiga Jeanie had to work!) and I went to Jim Thorpe, Pa. for the Grand Reopening of Yarn Central. While it was a little off the beaten track, just outside the tourist district of Jim Thorpe, it was a very cute shop filled with some very interesting yarns and patterns. The shop owner, Dianna was very pleasant and showed me her Kimono she's knitting with Encore.

So impressed was I that the pattern went home with me. Not sure if it will be knit in DK or WW. I'm considering it for a stash busting project.

My basket of baby projects waits to be knit. Note the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in the front and the PJ yarns. Will be knit into "hug me: sweaters with coordinating hats. Someday. Camo yarn might end up a hoodie vs. kimono. Bought Brittanys too

But, I do much more knitting than shopping, as evidenced by my progress made in the Cupcake Hat. I'm working on the "nubbins" portion.

I think this is going to be very cute when done. I am using the Schachenmeyer Brava with size 6 circs
Baby Kimono knit with Encore worsted on # 6 needles. I'm considering some kind of add on at the bottom, like a ruffle, after I've completed the sleeves. Just seems short to me...

The "Hug Me" sweater. Another good idea to bust that stash!

Let you know how it all turned out next week!

Happy knitting!

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hakucho said...

Your cupcake hat looks very interesting and I love the strawberry shortcake colors!

happy knitting :)