Wednesday, April 04, 2007


No, I did not commit a knitting homicide, which would be considered a crime of passion, in any case.....if the Knitting Police are reading this.( yes, I know. I DO watch too much L&O!)
Does anyone know this victim? No brand name was marked on these size 6 needles.
Seriously, if anyone has an idea who made these, I'd love to know.
I need closure!

The Alibi:
Well, what ACTUALLY did happen was I brought my Willow Bud Tree square I've been working on for my church knitting group project to work last Thursday with the intention of knitting a few during break/lunch. Instead, the needles, previously somewhat flexible, very old, plastic(?) and labeled "made in England" baked for 13 hours in our nurses lounge! As I reached for my bag when leaving my hand brushed passed the needles and SNAP! The tip of one #6 lay lifeless in my hand! I carefully transported them home and proceeded to fracture the remainder of them by gently placing minimal pressure on them at different points. They had become so very brittle! As they lay in pieces on my counter I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away! I'm that pitiful! I thought they were so cute!

But, life must go on...

I managed to complete my square on my set of "Lucky Sixes". What do you think? I think it would make a pretty dishcloth, but that's just me.

Besides my commitment to knitting 3 more squares, I continue to knit these little baby gifts for my co-workers and family.
These Mary Jane's were quick and easy to knit from the pattern found in this book which I bought last fall from Walmart. I used a minuscule amount of sport weight yarn for this 0-6month size. Please take a moment to check out the yellow buttons. I think they're adorable. They came from my high school pal, Patty, who so generously gifted me with her dear Grammy Marian's button collection! I fall into a state of Nirvana just trolling through the button box. My portal to cheap therapy!

Patty and I spent a blissful Monday afternoon this week at Barnes & Noble reading knitting magazines, knitting books,and drinking Decaf. Classic Neil Young playing overhead.

I succumbed to these purchases...

The Apron Book is delightfully nostalgic, with wonderful photos, recipes and even an actual apron pattern on the inside back cover!

A really nice book! It's feeding my desire to sew creatively!

But, Alas! I continue on my quest to finish the sweater, the birthday deadline long passed!

If you remember, I got carried away and didn't consider the v-neck decreasing on the left front previously, resulting in a frogging session and a re knit. I'm making progress as the decreasing just makes the rows shorter and shorter. Just a few inches away from finishing this side and then it's onto knitting the right side. I'll join the sides and back together then and either knit the two sleeves in tandem or circular knit each one from the drop shoulder down. I might interrupt this portion by picking up and knitting the button/neck band first. But, I do see this being complet-ed someday soon! By the way, lest you think there were no birthday goodies, I gave my husband a paper shredder instead, which he was THRILLED about!

Back to the book reviews

I think I own every book this woman's written by now. Again, a thoroughly enjoyable and easy reading book. I started reading it in bed Monday night. SPM never disappoints! Did I mention that I briefly chatted with her at Stitches, but was clueless as to her identity? Oh, right, I did. Shameless name dropping again ....

There's something in that Decaf....

Picture two grown women of a certain menopausal age group giggling hysterically over "The CUTE Book". Yep. People sitting with us in that little chair nook beat a hasty retreat, probably unable to take us anymore after being subjected to my previous outbursts of Apron Book glee!

I love this

And this!

We did no knitting at Barnsie's that day!
But, we did, nonetheless, have fun!


hakucho said...

Good thing you had a spare pair!
In the past when my mother would break one of her plastic needles ahe would just sharpen the broken end with a pencil sharpener and keep on going. The needle was shorter, but it worked :)

happy knitting :)

Anonymous said...

Linda, I love love love everything you've knit! Do like that design for a cloth; very pretty. I'm so glad you got the One Skein Wonders book & the new Yarn Harlot book; they're both fantastic. I've got a skein of the Lambs Pride super bulky (gorgeous blues, dark pink, some green) waiting to be made into the purse in that book. How did you like the Friday Night Knitting club book? :-) Maggie

Secret Pal said...

Mrs. B.,

I love your posts! The booties are adorable. I've been looking for a good bootie pattern. I just saw the apron book, but haven't had a chance to peruse. Thanks for sharing your review! Can't wait to see that finished sweater!

Anonymous said...

The Willow square is beautiful! Where did you find the pattern?

Jami in WI

Kayleen said...

Oh, so sorry about the needles. I know exactly how you feel about them. I've loaned some out to some dear friends of mine and I'm almost mad about getting them back! LOVE the booties. So cute. And I just love the Tree of Life square. Can you tell me where you found that pattern?

randi K design said...

The square is very nice!