Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Some of you may recognize me from older posts, as I don't often make myself available for photos. My name is Chelsea and I am the senior feline in the Knitorious Mrs. B's household. I feel it is time that all you Knitters out there have a peek at what is behind the door of B's Yarn Room.

Here is the Ugliest Baby Poncho In The World. She knit this sucker around 2000, and then, deciding that it was an abomination, tossed it in the bottom of a project bag, where it still resides today. Personally, the pattern is a nice design, but only God knows what B was thinking when she decided to use this variegated yarn! Makes me want to gack up a fur ball!
No doubt the kid's in kindergarten by now!

LOOK! She's so organized! B. went to Walmart and bought these hanging sweater and shoe organizers. They now hold unfinished projects, long forgotten and yarns that, at one time, were of interest.

From closet floor to ceiling...

See through bins, that weigh a ton, make it easy for B to lovingly gaze upon her yarn stash, and contemplate projects...which will never see the tip of a knitting needle!
Questions: What is the shelf life of yarn?

If yarn is stored in a sweater bag, will it magically be transformed into a sweater?

I think not.

Dish cloth cotton. We wouldn't want to run out now, would we?

This is only a small portion of yarn that is "coming out of the closet", my Knitting Friends! I didn't show you the large sweater bags and the tote on wheels under the spare bed, or the contents of the triple wide dresser!

The reason for this expose' you ask?

Maryland Sheep And Wool Festival May 5th.

Consider this an intervention!


Secret Pal said...

Um, yeah, I won't be getting B any warshcloth yarn. Snurp. Thanks for the inside story Chelsea.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am new to the group and just wanted to say thanks for sharing all your wonderful yarn. I don't feel so bad with my stash now. I was starting to try and use some of it up cuz dh says I have to much! Wait till I show him your blog. LOL.

katomliz said...

oh you are funny little tattle cat, Chelsea!!! Our closets look very similar and can realy relate to the stash storing dilema. wow look at all the dish cloth yarn!
I live in Pa( close to Honesdale) and plan on going to Maryland but I am just going to look- right?
Love your site!

Tea said...

Hey, little kitty, how about having a giant sale on B's yarn when she turns her back? Let us know when,huh? Can't wait!

Toni in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains

hakucho said...

Good thing I don't have a kitty cat to comment on my stash...I'm keeping mine a secret ;)

Chelsea, you are just jealous...tell Mrs. B to teach you to knit!

Hotpink said...

My stash fills 155 quarts of Rubbermaid containers. I live in a one-bedroom apartment. It's taking ove.