Monday, February 26, 2007


So, naturally, I want to knit! And what started out to be 4 baby gifts turned into 5 with the discovery last week of yet another pregnant co-worker! And, pressure-pressure! Four of the babies are now here! The bomb has indeed gone off under my butt!

This is what I am working on currently since my last monthly Three Amigas (Jeanie and Nan- BIG TIME yarn enablers!) field trip to Noble Knits. I was familar with Nancy Queen's patterns so was delighted that we had a chance to visit her shop. She had a store sample of this baby sweater knitted in a light green, but I liked the thought of dressing a boy or girl in teal. Sometimes I think babies are stifled by all those pastels, don't you?

As for the buttons, well... I did overindulge a bit but they were so darn cute and I was just so darn indecisive!

As you know, I find Yarnstorm totally inspirational and have taken up her cause of squirreling away little bits of angora yarn to someday knit the diamond pillow adapted from Debbie Bliss's Home book. Years ago I happened upon an online sale for Belangor in which I purchased several balls of white angora at a rediculously low price "just because". I decided that I simply must give up ONE of these little fluff beauties to knit a pair of baby booties from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

It's a sacrifice of 33 yards, but what a sweet little gift this will be!

I would love to try my hand at knitting a Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket for one of the babies, but I am still so enamored by the Mason-Dixon book's Heartbreakingly Beautiful Baby Kimono because it is so easy and open to so many interpretations. Then there's adorable Cupcake Hat that I always say I'm going to knit, but haven't. So, what is my problem that I cannot commit to these Must -Knit projects?

I had myself another Sweater Dream-that's what I've begun to call them because I have bought yarn for several beautiful sweaters over that last 5 years and have yet to knit one for myself!

I got a fabulous deal a few months back on Debbie Bliss alpaca silk in this delicious shade of red. It is incredibly soft too! So, I'm considering Knitty's Tempting (without the dopey bow-not trying to offend the designer, but to quote Kay from the MD blog, on me it just wouln't look F.O.B.!). Also The Hour Glass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts has potential too!

The last time I went to class at Kraemer's Yarn Shop I brought home some skeins of Berocco to wed with the fall colorway of my various silky wools. I'm wondering how this would swatch for a shawl in the linen stitch? I would change colors every one or two rows, for a woven effect I think....not wanting a prominent striping but more blending of the different colors and textures. I wonder if i would lend itself to a ballband pattern or some other slip stitching pattern as well? A swatching I must go. But later, much later! Knitting for babies, church and husband's sweater(due march 31st! YIKES!)

An then there's that Mission Fall's yarn I picked up with the Amigas. The pattern is the Sleeveless Summer Top from the Start To Knit book and it could be cute as a vest with some type of Fair Isle motif near the neck.

I certainly hope with all the gabbing I've done about my knitting dreams that I've got at least something on or off the needles by the next post!


LDSVenus said...

LOL, I must be the only knitter that feels the drive to knit in the spring, summer (oh my gosh the hotter it is the more I want to knit :P) and fall when it's warmer, when it's cold I struggle to make myself do anything :P. I just want to cuddle up on the couch under a fleece blanket and my hands are under the blanket to keep warm, where I cant see to knit ;P. Brrrrr

smariek said...

Hi Mrs B,

I saw your comment about row 23 of the Papillon Cloth. Didn't have your email addy to reply. S2TK1P is a double decrease that is worked on 3 stitches, which results in 1 stitch. You slip 2 stitches together (as if to K2TOG) to your right needle. Then you knit 1 stitch from your left needle. Then you pass the TWO slipped stitches over the stitch you just knitted.

Does this help?