Tuesday, March 06, 2007


As important as my knitting has become to me, I realize that the friends I have found through my knitting adventures are my real treasures. I've mentioned the Three Amigas before, so here they are again.....

Nan is modeling her lovely knitted and beaded scarf. She tends to favor pinks and mauves, with a smattering of lavender and pastel teals thrown in for a good measure, and these colors suit her well.
The Amigas, Jeanie and Nan, recently feted me with a delicious birthday lunch at one of my favorite places to eat , Granny McCarthy's Tea Room .
Jeanie is wearing one of the many beautiful sweaters she's knitted. She is the Sweater Queen!

Friends, tea, and knitting...does it get any better than this?

Yes, Gentle Knitter, I actually do manage to complete a knitting project or two despite my habit of starting something new before finishing the old.

Remember the 5 pregnancies I must knit baby gifts for?
Well, here is one completed!

I had a flash of creativity, instead of my typical hot flash, and made Fairy Booties. At least that's what I'm calling them! The angora bootie pattern from Last minute Knitted gifts was a snap to knit, but maybe you'll agree that the unadorned project below looks like plain vanilla knitting.
Only 33 yds/one tiny ball of Belangor. The hardest part was deciding how to embellish. It seems lately I am hell bent on sticking things on my knitting. So, I will be making more of these, but with different personalities. Yes, my inanimate objects d' knitting do have personalities!It comes from the yarn "speaking" to me.


Here is my Log Cabin Dishcloth made out of SCRAPS (gotta love it when you can create something neat out of leftovers!) of Sugar and Cream cotton. I tried to keep the cools and the warm colors on their opposite sides. I'm happy with how it turned out.

I had been wanting to knit the Papilloncloth created Marie, who was so darn helpful to me as I struggled on row 23. Not her fault, but my massive knitting block just kept me completely messing up that row. I emailed her and she actually talked me through it! She was right to caution "mind your YO's, as I must have been dropping one somewhere along that row when I attempted to do row 24. She does a terrific job turning Barbara G. Walker stitch patterns into beautiful cloths, scarves and hats. I check in on her blog daily just to see if she's got anything new posted for us! What's next Marie?

Maybe she'll post it in her Readers Gallery?

My Pal Maggie never forgets me! She surprised me with a beautiful crocheted cloth for my bath, a great cook book from Gooseberry Patch, which I collect (how does she KNOW these things?), vanilla soap, a book marker that reminds me of Kringle and a really FUNNY card that had everything to do with chocolate!

Thanks, Pal O' Mine!

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hakucho said...

You dressed up those angora bootie perfectly. I bet the baby who receives those will never want to take them off!!

I love your log cabin dishcloth...it's a great use of all the leftover yarn :)

happy knitting :)