Thursday, August 03, 2006

Happy summer knitting!

For some reason ther appears to be a glitch on my blog which prevents me from posting any photos of current knitting. Been like this all week. SHEEEEEESH!

This is a shame, as I am so happy with the way my French market bag from turned out! I used Kraemer yarns Mauch Chuncky in eggplant and carrotcake colors. Knitted waaaaaaay big and felted really well after 2 cycles. I think one would have sufficed!

Have been doing many ball band dishcloths from Mason-Dixon book, and also completed several baby bibs, as well. Now knitting Petal bib from One Skein. Them babies keep a-comin! Another I know of in December due!I'm still knitting baby kimonos for my church knitting group. Would like to try my hand at a scrappy Log Cabin Blanket to donate in the fall.

Hopefully I'll be able to post my photos of these Kal FOs on the and sites.

I'm happy to report that I am making progress with knitting My Husband's Sweater-yes-that is the official name! It's only taken 5 years to age the wool and commit to a stitch pattern!
I finally settled on an Imitation Fisherman's Rib pattern:

Row 1, *Knit 3, P1, * rep
Row 2 *Knit 2, P1, Knit 1, * rep

Simple 1:1 rib for the bottom 2 inch band, and 8 inches of pattern knitted so far. Very pleased with the appearance and the wool I purchased from Webs. Alpaca/merino blend. Can feel some lanolin still. Planning to construct with drop shoulders and a collar. A Christmas present.

Found a cute Harry Potter Sweater pattern on the Wist site, so forgettabout knitting the scarf for my 12 year old son. He's at the sweater age, I think. Have enough of the encore yarn in the colors, I hope! October birthday gift..... well maybe.
BTW-Wist has pages of mostly free pattern photos with the links. What a find!

Going to Stitches East in Baltimore-must send money for bus trip and lodgings to Frogatha at Stitchykindathing. Going on a Friday overnight!

Can't forget to mention that Bev, my One Skein Pal, celebrated 50 years on July 22nd! Here's to another 50!

Many thanks, again, to Louise, the secret pal who sends to me. I did so much want to post the photo of the goodies she sent. The yarn is gorgeous! I made two terrific new knitting friends from the U.K.!

Also forgot to mention the fun I had at the Knit and Crochet Show at Valley Forge Convention Center in July. Have photo of Jeanie, and another two new knitting friends Marlene( through Jean) and Carolyn from the U.K.!
You ladies are lovely!


Splindarella said...

I had problems posting photos, too. I just kept going back and trying until they posted, but I did have to wait a very long time for the upload to go through.

Have you noticed that knitty is having a contest? You can enter a photo of a project you completed from a Knitty pattern and the best will be featured in a Knitty calendar. Details are on their website if you want to enter your bag! :)

Gill said...

Me too with the photo problems. Wish I hadn't read your comments about your husband's sweater, it's surfacing all sorts of feelings of guilt about J's cabled denim sweater that I cast on 2 years ago ;)