Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gifts for a precious baby....under $30! Kimono is from Mason-Dixon Knitting book. Quick, easy, and a million possibilities! I used Bernat Cotton Tots yarn for both blanket squares and kimono. Laundered and became even softer!

All the calories were removed! KNITTER'S HONOR!


So I've been a bit busy with all this knitting and teaching knitting, as well as just thinking about knitting...

Also joined the One Skein Secret Pal exchange and received some lovely goodies from Louise from Bath, U.K. I thank you so very much, Louise!Trying to decide what to knit with the beautiful skein of Hip Knits Rose Leaf cotton she sent. I'm intriqued by the petal baby bib and the felted bowls....

I 'm following the Monthly Dishcloth exchange found on Yahoo daily. Don't know yet if I will be able to contribute a dishcloth to the group for the July exchange, but want to try!

Signed up for the Mason-Dixon KAL too, since I am so enamored by the book! It's just so pleasing to the eye to sit and thumb through it. Everything in it just appeals to the practical knitting side of me! Love the log cabins, kimono, dishcloths, and the rugs, just to name a few.

My son chained together two 10 oz. bags of potholder loops and I've started knitting a rug on size 35s inherited from beloved Aunt Rose Smith who is for eternity crafting in heaven!

Speaking of my son, what follows is a conversation NO parent thinks they will ever have with their child:

Me: "Thanks, sweetie, for looping these loopies together-hope there's not too many for you"?
Son: No problem, Mom. Can I take them on the school bus, instead of my gameboy?" really happened. Call the Ripley's people!

Request was tactfully denied due to concerns that bus full of rowdy 11 year olds would use yarn ball to toss at each other, as well as the potential for detention, let alone bus driver rage, accident, etc.

I've been knitting those dishcloths like it's my life's mission. I really am finding it difficult to stop!

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