Friday, May 05, 2006


Many thanks to all the terrific people who make nursing such a wonderful profession!

Lots of knitting on the needles this month.....

Here's the summer knitting treatment plan:

1. Finish mitered squares baby boy blanket by May 25!

2. Sew together 36 garter stitch squares for St. Joe's Knitting Ministry by June 10 in time for ProLife Garage Sale!

3. Cast on for ankle socks for me!

4. Finish and felt French Market bag-only have handles left to knit!

5. Finish Kid Merino shrug-it's no longer an Easter scarf!

6. Dye Paton's Classic wool sample with Wilton cake icing, Teal, knit up a coaster, and felt it for June 1st.

7. Begin SOMETHING with the gazillion balls of Sugar and cream cotton-

will find inspiration from the much loved Mason-Dixon knitting book!

8. Knit rug from the colossal yarn ball #1 son is constructing out of potholder loops.

9. Consider baby gift for co-worker due in January 2007.

Will post pictures when available-so happy knitting to all for now!

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