Sunday, August 06, 2006

ONE HOUR PHOTO THIS WAS NOT!!!! to post photos. Thanks Gil and Splindarella for the encouragement. Patience is a virtue! Knitting makes it all better!

This is a corner in my yard which serves as the setting for The Patriotic Dishcloth.

The beloved French Market Bag, free pattern at

It really is very sturdy and holds lots of stuff. Took it to The Knit and Crochet Show, and it held all my purchases nicely!

Goodies from the lovely Louise, all the way from Bath, U.K. My One Skein Pal is the best! Just look at those colors in that yarn!

Showing off the pedicure and the sandle sock. In my humble opinion, it was the perfect marriage between OPI and Trekking sock yarn!

Taking time for nourishment and knitting at the Knit and Crochet Show in July. New friends Marlene and Carolyn on the ends, with Jeanie, my knitting mentor, in the middle.

Where I sit to knit this summer. Ballband dishcloth and the Magic Pot Holder Loop Rug on the needles. Patterns found in Mason-Dixon Knitting book.
The Summer of the Dishcloth. Knitted, photographed, and given away already. New ones on needles. Ballband knitting mania!

And what are YOU knitting?


Jenn said...

Yeah!!! On getting your photos up! :D Pretty darned good photos at that too. Love your dishcloths and knitting spot. Looks way comfy.

Holly of HollYarns said...

Hello this is Holly (co-host of Mason Dixon SwapCloth), Will you please send your information as regards the questions on our blog page . We need another participant to match things out right.
Have a good day and please respond ASAP.

g. said...

love the dishcloths! and that yarn from your one skein pal is gorgeous.

Sharon said...

I found you through the Mason Dixon knitalong and was so intrigued by your church having a knitting ministry. As I am one of the two or three knitters in my congregation I can only dream of having enough knitters to actually make up a ministry. Well done ;)