Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Or, as Chelsea is clearly implying, SUCK IT UP SISTER!

The reasons for my temporary blues?

Driven, as if we were trying to score tickets to an Elton John concert, ( yes, I AM that old!)Patty, my high school chum, and I spent over one hour Monday morn huddled over our keyboards furiously trying to acquire tickets for the Dalai Lama's July 13th afternoon teaching session at Lehigh U.

No such luck! Though, any and all empathy will be greatly appreciated!

But, was further wounded today when I found out over morning coffee, while reading the Morning Call, THAT HE SOLD OUT IN 15 MINUTES!!!!!!!

GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR! Catholic guilt kicked in as I wondered...did I do something to adversely effect my Karma?

It was just not meant to be.

As was this too, Gentle Knitter.....

I earned a Knitting Scout Badge.

The Badge of Rejection

Yes, now it can be revealed that Donna, of Knitwitz and Sew Much More
and I collaborated on a Knitty.com entry for their most recent issue.

Donna designed that neat ribbed and purl stitched ruffled fingerless glove positioned to the bottom right of the photo. She had invited me to design a scarf to compliment her creation. Since I wanted to showcase the ruffle as much as possible; thinking it would get lost on a longer knitted scarf, I designed a shorter scarf to serve as both a buttoned neck warmer, AND a head warmer too. A multifunctional knitted piece. Five little black buttons are visible on closeup.
A little campy, I'll admit,
But, certainly comparable to some of the other (ahem!) INTERESTING AND UNUSUAL Knitty submissions of the past.

I plan to finish knitting the mate to the fingerless glove and then wear the entire ensemble at a future date! You can see a photo of Donna's darling daughter model our entry here. Of, course, I will be the OLDER, MATRONLY VERSION of that photo!

I admit, I do have feelings about this rejection:

Thus, a moment of Haiku.

Loser that I am,

Addis, plucked from hopeful hands,

Stab at knitting heart.


Moving on to some small, but meaningful only to me, successes of the past week:

I finished the arduous, IMHO, task of frogging the shoulder seams and the bind offs of Mike's sweater in order to re-do them in the 3 Needle Bind Off Technique. As you can see, the seams look very nice and both sides of the shoulders have equal tension, eliminating that prior droopy , uneven shoulder look. Next, I'll start sewing on the button side band up to the back of the cardi neck and mark my button placements.

Church Knitting for charity.

Some dishcloths I completed last week. Managed to knit both from one ball of SNC. Thrifty me! Wet blocked. Will bring to knitting Ministry meeting tonight.

Mitered Squares Love:
Although I have about 14 nine inch squares finished, I'm posting this older photo of the earliest squares laid out randomly for Chelsea's approval. My spare bedroom is a very convenient Yarn Room/ workshop for all my knitterly projects. The bed is frequently used as a work table, or yarn holding area.

Baby Gifts:

A variation on the Log Cabin dishcloth, modified for a baby bib. Dishcloth pattern is posted (for free!) here.

Take notice: I crochet! These little valentines were fun and quick to make. Go here.


ScHead Warmer:

Was in the mood to play dress up with the manni heads. Modeling my multifunctional ( my buzz word) design that is offered in my knitting class at NACC.

Scarf + Head = ScHead Warmer! Or, maybe a Ned Warmer?


I seem to be fixated a bit lately on Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth pattern and valentine hearts, but wanted to combine the both. I've seen a few similar patterns for large and thick pot holders and rugs that require you to knit with several strands in hand, but not suitable for a smaller scale dish cloth. So, with a little tweaking of the concept, I came up with this dishcloth. Anyone interested in the pattern particulars? Let me know and I'll write it up at a later date!
Hope your week is long on knitting and short on disappointments!


Quilty bird said...

Yes, I'm interested in the GF dishcloth in the heart shape.

Bummer about the tickets. Next time, maybe.

Your kitty is a cutie!

Carla S said...

I'd love the instructions for tweaking the Grandma's favorite into a heart shape. And your crochet hearts are cute, too :)

Anonymous said...

You've been busy, as usual! Sorry Knitty didn't appreciate your efforts...

hakucho said...

Grandmother's favorite in the shape of a heart...now that's clever :) Sure, I'd love the pattern!

Sorry about your rejection :( I think your design is very charming. Love the ruffle and I must admit it is very original :) Better luck next time!!

DawnK said...

Cool stuff. I'm sorry Knitty didn't like your submission. :(

I see your kitty likes to have an opinion on the knitting, too! Cute!

Bummer about the tickets.

Lisa said...

I would absolutely love to have the heart shaped pattern. I hope you find the time to write it up.