Monday, February 25, 2008


I've been a terrible blogger of late, neglecting to post regularly, so that you, Gentle knitter, can see what kind of knitting progress I've made on Mike's sweater.

The work in progress...

I'm not happy.
I plan to frog the shoulder seams and do a 3 needle bind off instead of the bo and sewn version i followed from the Ann Budd book. Sorry Ann, I'm not getting even sewing tension on both shoulder seams, after several attempts!

I tried to pick up and knit the button bands and was just not liking the look of it with this Mistake Rib pattern. I am, instead, knitting a garter stitch ballband, which will be sewn on. Taking forever....

Meanwhile, diversions, some necessary, and some not....

My stack of mitered squares knit from donated yarn is progressing nicely and will eventually make up a 16 square lapghan for charity.

A camo hat for a co-worker's baby boy.

Jeanie's new ballband face cloth. She tells me she uses them to remove her make up/wash her face nightly.

A baby hat for Andrea's new baby girl, (she's the DIL of my SIL)

Rowan BiggiePrint Hat. I realized, with all the knitting I do , I did not have a hat of my own. Shamefully sad.

Another baby gift.
And a spare for emergency gifting.
A bib pattern from Rainy Kilbrough, whose patterns are featured in the 2008 Dish cloth calendar sponsored through th Monthly Dishcloth group. I love her designs!

Icelandic Neck warmer.
Yarn with feathers scarf from Rhinebeck.
Baby bib sample from Tatamy Tweeds. For a boy.

Taos sweater swatch. I'm thinking 2:2 ribs...

Gotta go! Meeting Nan for some yarn tasting at Knitwitz and sew much more!

Kraemers on Wednesday night-sock yarn is being held for me!

and help this blogger celebrate her 1000th blog entry by entering her contest. I did!


DawnK said...

You haven't been blogging because you've been too busy knitting! LOL! That's all pretty stuff!

Katie J said...

Yeah, I can see why you haven't been blogging and it's so worth it. I have one skein of Taos and I think I'm going to make some slippers with it. That sweater is going to be lovely.

smariek said...

You've been quite busy during the past month! So that's the secret to making knitting progress, lay off the blog. Look at all those mitered squares, can't wait to see you put them together. You've made way more progress with your sweater than I have with my Mom's vest.

Today is not my word verification day, I get "ltwvhmwy" in a hard to read curly font.

carole said...

whoa... you're excused from not blogging.. your fingers have been too busy to type!
Beautiful stuff... say is the pattern fro the neckwarmer available somewhere I love it and have the perfect yarn in my stash for something like that.

Gotta run late start and I've slept it away... tell me how Kraemer's is lately.

Anonymous said...

So much lovely knitting there. I am sooo drawn to all things Taos that I really must bite the bullet and buy some for myself and do something - anything! - with it.

Tabitha said...

Great knitting. I love the colors in the Taos sweater swatch. That is a huge stack of mitered squares. I have got to do a mitered square one of these days.

hakucho said...

You haven't been blogging much, but you certainly have been a busy girl!! Those mitered squares look awesome...and all the rest too numerous to mention ...very very nice :)

Good luck finishing the sweater :)