Tuesday, March 18, 2008


As the crocus that pushes itself out of the chilly ground to welcome the not too distant arrival of spring, so do I, Gentle Knitter! Wallet in hand, I ventured out last weekend to do my civic duty to combat the current economic recession by attending my first Craft Show of the Season at Northampton Community College. My pal, Patty, designer of fabulous Firefly-Glass Studio jewelry, and her sweetheart of a sister Janene, designer of Blue Raven Beads had lots of beautiful pieces on hand! I finally decided to buy this beautiful glass beaded bracelet among her and Janene's selection of beautiful designs!. Meanwhile she kindly gifted me with that adorable Bunny Pin and a trio of glass buttons for a future knitting project, destination unknown at present time! See that ball of scrumptious yarn in the photo? Yarn Vendor Alert!!! It's named "Autumn Stroll" and it's BFL spun by new yarn entrepreneur Lindsay Gray. Go here to see her beautiful Saule yarns for sale! She's local, from Bethlehem, but relocating to other parts of the country this year. But, she'll be hearing from me again real soon, if you get my draft, uh, I mean drift!

Patty gave me these lovely buttons she made on Friday when I stopped by to give her her felted bowl.

I see them wearing a sweater someday!

What! You're asking when I find time to knit?

Waiting for DSL connections to be made, I knit away on square #14 of sixteen mitered squares for Knitting Ministry laprobe. I hate to sit waiting, so knitting makes me feel as if I'm not wasting time.

Unfortunately, all this knitting seriously impedes my ability to get get any reading done, even fiber based reading from my local library! I do manage to watch the movies while knitting, especially while working on Mike's sweater! I'm still in my British drama viewing phase, watching whatever Prime Suspect I can get my hands on! I can't believe this was broadcast 15 years ago on the BBC! And, Middlemarch is a great series! I need not worry about going through my Jane Austen withdrawal with backup like this!

Sweater Girl is still at it and I am seeing an end in sight!

Note the sewn on button band thus far. Really worth the effort!
Working on the sleeves too. Took it to my Father-in-law, Jerry's 70th birthday party Saturday night. No mistakes that I can tell, despite a bit of (ahem!)celebrating.

Isn't she darling?

This hat and booties knit with Peaches and Cream cotton-Spring Meadows. I CO 60 stitches for the hat with a #7 circ, joined, and knit in stockinette for 10 rows. Then, switching to a #6, I knit in K2, P2 rib for another 10 rows, for a total of 4 1/2 inches from rolled edge before doing my decreases. Topped it with a pink ribbon tied in a bow to match the booties. The booties were a Bernat free pattern.
I really like knitting these little sets with PNC for summer knitting projects. This will be my contribution to The Slate Belt Pregnancy Center, one of the charities the St. Joseph's Knitting Ministry regularly donates to.

Knitasha looks happy in her little spring set! The feather and fan baby afghan is not from my knitting hands, but was rescued for a $2 from a local thrift shop.

Happy belated!

Dyed my beer with Wilton's Cake Icing coloring!

We traditionally partake of the corn beef and cabbage and enjoy our annual viewing of Mike's favorite movie, The Quiet Man. These are my two Not-So-Quiet-Men.

Have a terrific knitting week!


DawnK said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have a birthday check to cash, so I can do my civic duty and buy some sock yarn at my LYS tonight! Pretty yarn. I love the cotton hat! Nice job on the shamrock dishcloth. I'm spending too much time knitting to read, too! LOL!

carole said...

nice beer!

the vest was to be for my pop, but he passed away last night, so the vest is sleeping until I decide if the yarn still wants to be a vest for someone.

hakucho said...

Your sweater really is shaping up...not long now :)