Friday, November 09, 2007


In case you, Gentle Reader, think I spend every waking moment with knitting needles in motion, I do actually have a life outside of knitting, but one in which I make every attempt to squeeze in other things from time to time, other than a row or two! While attending this most excellent seminar in NYC this past Wednesday, from my carefully concealed position in the back of the room I was able to fully attend to the lecture, jot down pertinent data, and knit my beloved ball band in the Garnet and Grey colors of P-burg high school, from which my favorite Step MIL, Becky, graduated years ago. Nurses are great at multitasking!

Another great goodie package from my SP 11 arrived a few days ago! She's so thoughtful and knows me so well! So much fun to open gifts from her-definitely a big pick-me-up from a tiring day to receive her packages!

Click on the photo for a close-up of the goodies. Kringle kind of just plops anywhere, but, he can, you know! He gets away with a lot since his stroke!
Thanks SP!!!

A few weeks ago I entered a contest sponsored by Knotty Kitty Knits ( see sidebar link) and won! Her generous goodie package arrived also this week and how nice it was to receive a lovely card from her with the yarn and the the book that I am glad to add to my collection of Knitting On The Go series!


Since I've always believed that it is more blessed to give...
coupled with being the recipient of the generosity of knitters that are no longer strangers, I was inspired to sponsor my own contest, in which Shelly? Kadezmom came closest to guessing the amount in the Rhinebeck Yarn Fund Bowl last week. I'm glad that I can now post the prizes I sent her, since she safely received her package! I know, it's not a ball band, but did you know that I am also smitten by all things mitered square? I just finished it in a simple single crochet all around. Reminded me of Kool Aid colors! The yarns were one's I thought she might like in variegated colors, per her request.
Enjoy, Shelly!

October, being Breast Cancer Awareness month, has a particular meaning to me, as my very dear friend, and former co-worker, Lee, is a survivor.
I always try to send her a little something hand knit in pink to celebrate her victory. Thinking of you, Sissy!! Sorry I was a bit late!

It's been a while since the Knitting Amigas and I have hit the road for our One-Friday-A-Month Yarn Shop field trip, Nan and I headed for South Philly to explore Loop and Sophie's Yarns. Unfortunately, Amiga Jeanie had to work that day, but she was with us in spirit! Nan is a pro at finding her way to yarn shops, I think, because this gal CAN SMELL YARN!
When I wasn't doing my part as trip navigator, I passed the time knitting teeny sweater ornaments: up the front, and down the back. Quick and easy! If anyone is interested in making one, leave a message in comments, and I'll post the pattern next week!

In almost no time we arrived!

And, we shopped....
These were my purchases

Missing from this photo was "Not Just Socks". At 40 % off I was willing to chance it that i might already have it in my bookcase at home! Yes, it's pretty bad when you can't remember if you've already bought the book!
And, guess what! I did have a copy! It's "Not Just Socks II that I don't have! FOOL!
At 40 % off each one will make a lovely something for somebody! Yak-Yak, Baby!
40 % off Claudia. There's nothing else needs to be said, is there?
This was a good buy already at $26, so a real bargain at 40 % off

I dare not speak of Nan's purchases as she has invoked her confidentially clause!
With a little bit of time and yarn budget left, we decided to visit Sophie's Yarns. Many blocks later, I thought we'd never arrive at our destination in time to shop!


Like I said, she SMELLS yarn!

I bought these cool buttons!

If you're wondering, both shops were very nice places to visit and shop. They each had their yarn personalities, price ranges were reasonable and the owners were very personable toward us. We'd definitely go back again to spend, ogle and caress the yarn! I was very impressed with what I was able to buy discounted at Loop.

Last stop before we exited Philly was a quick, and I do mean a quick pit stop curbside at the U of PA Library long enough for Nan to hug and kiss her darling daughter, Shally!

What an angel she is! Too bad she's too old for Shaun!

Hope you, Gentle Reader enjoyed this very long post. Unfortunately, time doesn't allow me to post daily, and sometimes I go through one or two weeks that seem really knitting-related intensive that I feel compelled to share with you!

What you didn't see: Me knitting Michael's Christmas sweater-which, by the way, I really am!

Happy knitting!


hakucho said...

My you have been busy. Being able to smell yarn is a wonderful trait to have in a friend...particularly a knitting friend! Now you have lots beautiful new yarn to add to your stash...lucky you :)
Congrats on winning Deb's contest and weren't you nice to have a contest of your own :)

Good luck with your Christmas knitting...I'm still in shock that is coming so quickly!

happy knitting :)

knottykitty said...

My my, you seem to be flush in prezzies and purchases from all over the place! Lots of great stuff!

Maybe next year you should send your friend the pink Ta-ta's cloth in honor of her survivorship! :)

DawnK said...

I had to go to a "retreat" meeting this past week, but they made us all sit near the front of the room, so I don't know if I could have gotten away with knitting! LOL! It was all about patient-centered care and everyone's a caregiver!

That ballband is pretty! Lucky you having the time to travel to cool yarn shops! We went to the closest one this past week, but there is one about an hour away, that sells Malagrigo yarn, which is really soft and Emily really wants some!

You got some cool gifts!

Melanie said...

Love the colors on the ballband! Wow, that was a busy
So many nice goodies to drool over too. The sweater ornaments are so cute...I do hope you share the pattern. I would love to eventually have a tree decorated with only little knitted things.

Katie J said...

Yummy stuff. Have you ever visited Wool Gathering in Kennett Square? It's a lovely shop and you may find it's worth the drive.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see your sweater pattern. I love the color you chose for the one you did.
Thanks for offering.
ps. I wish we had those types of yarn shops where I live.
Take care!

Pamela Foreman said...

All your goodies were great! I love shopping for yarn, but have been banned from that until I go through most of my stash! Husbands! Enjoy the goodies and the brick looking project is cool! So is the tiny sweater - how neat! I'd love the pattern! Toodles!

Jan said...

I always love to pop by and see what you are up to... I usually end up drooling on my keyboard over the beauteous colors I see. Yummy! I collect buttons so that was an unexpected extra :-)
I would love to see the pattern for the wee sweater - how cute is that? Thanks as always... Jan H (MA)

Aunt Kathy said...

Just making my visit to your blog. I don;t always comment but I am here to see what's new all the time.

If you feel up to it, I tagged you over on my blog, a few questions to amswer and then if you want send it to 5 other people to answer as well. I don't usually have time for these but I was caught on a good day. No oressure to answer or forward though, I won;t be pffended in any way.

You make me want to visit a LYS, I am getting bored ordering online, I wanna touch, see and smell the stuff first. LOL