Thursday, November 01, 2007


In my previous post I sponsored a contest in which, you, Gentle Knitter, were invited to guess the dollar amount of the coins in the Rhinebeck Yarn Fund bowl.

Entries were accepted until midnight, October 31st. The person who came the closest to the amount without going over is the winner. The prize is 4 balls of dish cloth knitting cotton and a ready-to-use cotton dishcloth, hand knit by yours truly!
Thanks to all who participated!

The amount of coins in the bowl came to $53.57.

The winner is SHELLY (!) aka
who came the closest to the amount by guessing $50 even.

Congratulations and smart thinking there, Shelly! I posted on your blog and sent a private email, so as soon as I hear from you I'll send out your package!

I'll be posting the photo of the prize package AFTER the Shelly notifies me that she has received her goodies.

It was fun to read all the entries, and hear from knitters, some old blogger friends, others new to me. I've been dropping in on every one's blog, seeing what everyone is knitting throughout the country, and getting lots of inspiration. What great knitters there are out there!
We have lots in common!


Tea said...

Congrats to Shelly!
That's just a great eyeball pic, Mrs. B. :), a veritable hoot!

kadezmom said...

Thanks Linda!

I was just reading your blog from Sat......and you got stuff from the Yarn Barn..........the one in KS? They were at Rhineback?!? (okay, even not, thanks for the great memory). It was a friend in college who convinced me to pick up knitting again, and the first pattern and sweater yarn I ever bought was from the Yarn Barn in Lawrence, Ks. What a great memory jogger. Thanks.

Aunt Kathy said...

Woo Shelly won... I am glad I sent her over to play, sad I didn't win though. LOL Since Shelly is my friend I will tell her she has to make me something from the yarn she gets, that's fair huh? Just Kidding

I love contests.