Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Imagine you are hosting a knitting get-together in your home in which you can invite 6 famous people from the world-wide Knitting Community.
Haven't you ever wondered who you would invite?

I was thinking about this the other day while browsing through the massive knitting talent represented in all the knitting books that grace my bookcase shelves. Just who would I want to invite to my home for an evening of knitting and knoshing? I really gave this some thought...

Which lead to this idea....

The game is called "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"?

Three Bloggers are tagged and must post on their blog these directions and list the names of 6 of their favorite renowned Knitters whom they would invite to dinner and their reasons why.
Then the Bloggers play it forward by INVITING 3 new Bloggers play the game and name their Fantastic 6 for dinner. And so on.

I think it will be fascinating to read who others would want to sit down, knit and dine with for an evening!

Consider it a Fantasy Knitting with your favorite Knitting Icons! Not unlike Fantasy Football, but without all the grime, grunts, and bodily injuries. (IF you disregard the time Chelsea, my cat, knocked over a glass of wine on my ivory baby blanket, occasions when I had to frog mohair, and, oh yes, the time I stabbed myself in the palm of my hand with my Addi DP's!)

Anyway, after much consideration I decided that the 6 I would invite to my Fantasy Knitting Knosh would include:

1. Barbara G. Walker, because of her extensive contributions to the world of knitting through her Collection of Knitting Treasury books. I consider her to be extremely gifted, not only knitting, but in the field of cultural anthropology, where she has published several books exploring feminist influence in ancient culture. Although we do not share the same beliefs in several areas, I think having her among my dinner guests would certainly make for lively discussion full of interesting ideas, and an entertaining evening! I'd ask her "which Treasury book is your favorite?" and " do you have a favorite stitch pattern"?

2. Nicky Epstein because I own 9 of her ten published books! I think I would knit and felt some flowers to use as table favors in her honor! I love knitting the doll clothing designs in her Knitting for Barbie books . I think she is "the Edge"!

3.Kay Gardiner/Ann Shayne Pick your word. Ballband. Kimono. Bib. LogCabin. Their blog is my daily read, and I think these two gals are a hoot, besides being incredibily creative! Sorry, I just couldn't separate 'em! 'Nough said!

4. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee gives great knitting advice and consolation in "Knitting Rules", not to mention her funny blog profiles her everyday reality. When I returned home from Stitches East 2006 I realized that the nice lady who briefly chatted with me from across a vendor aisle was actually her. I am reading "At Knit's End" right now, and it is chock full of enlightenment. She is the Dalai Lama of knitting!

5. Ann Budd because she helps make knitting easier by designing generic patterns for our basic must-have-knitting projects. Her two books are my blueprints for all of my knittingwear, accurate and simple to follow.

6. Elizabeth Zimmermann. If only but for one day, what a treat it would be to have her at my table, knitting and sharing her common sense approach to knitting!

Well, there you have it, my Fantastic 6!

Now I am sending an invitation to play GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER? to


2.Smariek knits


I don't know how this is all going to be received, but I'm hoping that it becomes a fun way for Knitters to share their ideas with each other!

I heard from my Secret Pal 10 Buddy today! She sent me a cute e-card.
Can't wait to find out who I am to send to! Waiting to start the fun!
Till next time!


Secret Pal said...

Golly, I hadn't even heard of Barbara G. Walker, but she seems like an interesting knitter. Great list!

cecily said...

hiyo. just wanted to make sure you got your sp10 assignment. please email me at sphostesscecily AT gmail DOT com.

thanks! :)

hakucho said...

Not fair...you already picked all my favorites :(

smariek said...

RSVPs came in. Come to my blog to see who's coming to dinner...