Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Been trying to get focused on starting and completing projects for upcoming November 19th Christmas bazaar at my church, but am going in all directions! Prime example is this little purse I knit for myself to carry my cell phone and lipstick in. Discovered that cables are not at all difficult to knit and I love making them!
HMMMMMMMMMMM! I see a sweater in my future.......

I also am knitting the second sleeve to the Turtleneck Shrug by Teva Durham from Scarf Style. I adjusted it a bit to accommadate both my beautiful ampleness and the chunky Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande that is a joy to work with!

Among the other detours along the knitting path I have taken was my adventure in koolaid dying. While it was fun, I learned that unwinding 600 yards of dk merino to fit into a pyrex dish can test one's patience and endurance!

I now know that dying is best attempted with smaller amounts because it will take the yarn DAYS to drip dry!

Oh, the things we learn in the School of Knitting!

This is Purplemint Twist drying in my bathroom during the heat and humidity of the heat of September. What a mish-mosh mess!
It also spent time drying on my back porch, and my bedroom.

When finally dried, the real fun began!
Oh, what a tangled web, when we wind merino wool into two 350 yard balls!

I learned I am a very patient woman, much to my and my family's surprise!

Next, I have that glorious yarn I ordered from Shadyside Farms waiting in the wings for me to begin knitting their version of the Rambling Rows sweater. Believe me, I can't wait to begin!

Since I am the proprieter of My Very Own Little Yarn Shoppe right here in my home, I continue to struggle with remaining on hiatus from yarn shopping, at least till after the holidays.

We shall see.....

I made it into The Pinwheel Gallery! Go to www.larissmix.typepad.com to see all the lovely additions to her knit-a-long gallery. I am humbled by all the creative knitting that is going on around me!

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