Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Ok, so some kids never grow up! I have this thing about knitting Barbie clothes. The novelty yarns make fabulous outfits for my gal! Not so hard to do once you've mastered the zero range of needles, or use #1's or #2's. I knitted a few things for my church Christmas bazaar, having absolutely no idea what would sell. Maybe next year I'll stick to just knitting Barbie sets, as they seemed to be well received.

For this lovely ensemble I believe I casted on 40 stitches with size 1 DP needles and knitted flat till the length equaled the length of Barbie's outstretched arms. Then I sewed the sleeves till underarms custom fit. SHEEEEESSSSSH! I finished her shrug before mine!

The hat was flat knit a la pattern from Nicki Epstein's Knitting for Barbie. This was knit with a very small amount of Plymouth Flash from my stash.
Any novelty yarn would certainly work for this set. You're limited by only what you have in your stash.

Here are the different items I donated.

The Barbie poncho was knit with Paton's brilliant as the main body and trimmed with Paton's Silverlash. Same with the hat, which was a cast on of 24 stitches on size 1 needle, and knitted circular 1:1 rib for 6 rows before changing to stockinette stitch, knitting circular till I felt it was time to decrease for the crown.

The poncho was a 40 stitch cast on DP needles and knitted circular 1:1 rib for six rounds. Afterwhich, I placed a marker between the 20th and 21st stitches. At the beginning and end of the round I made my increases, as well as at the stitches before and after the placed marker. It might be helpful to place a marker at the beginning of the round only to jog your memory so you don't overlook the increases there. On alternate rows I knit plain without making any increases. Very simple. Stop when you are satisfied with the length and the width.

The Flash hat and scarf were no brainers.

The 2 cell phone bags were constructed by measuring my phone and adjusting the gauge for LionBrand Landscape Yarn. I selected a cabled pattern from an Aran Stitch guide, and knit till I could comfortably fold it over, seaming close the sides with a single crocheted edge. Weave ribbon of your choice through cable twist closest to the top edge and tie into pretty bow. Again, very easy. Consider it a knitted swatch with a mission!

My dear AKSP Maggie sent me another glorious parcel of goodies! Click on the photo and you will see that the Project bag, which I love, is signed by Barry Klein. How cool is that!!!! The coffee cup conveys my sentiments exactly! Wild Rose scented soap will go into the yarn drawer,(doesn't everyone have a yarn drawer in their family room?) and a pretty tin to keep my knitting odds and ends in. The magazine I've been planning to pick up......How does she know these things? My God, the woman lives in Virginia!!!!! Thank- you so much, again, Maggie, for all the wonderful things you send me! I just love this Secret pal exchange, and would feel sorry to see it end. I love selecting and sending things also to my other pal, Judith, from New Jersey. Wish we all lived close!

Here is a photo of Barbie in the poncho and hat. I think she looks adorable.

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