Sunday, September 04, 2005

Spent the time preparing for back-to-school and enjoying what was left of summer vacation this past week, with a smidge of knitting thrown in for good measure.

I have been knitting the baby blanket seen in the background of the Hailey sweater pattern offered from WWW.Yarnforward.Com.

Carol, who is staff from the yarn shop, was so nice to respond to my inquiry, and informed me this pattern is an out-of-print Paton's pattern, so was unable to obtain it for me. Nonetheless, I think I can create something similar by combining the Round Pinwheel Baby Blanket from WWW.Knitlist.Com , and edging it in several rounds of Feather and Fan once I hit 180 stitches.

I really should take the time to write out my version of this blanket pattern, as well as the Baby Feather and Fan Sweatercoat I made first.

Maybe in the not so distant future.....

On the needles also is a Feather and Fan dishcloth for my friend, Sandy, in the color sage. I am knitting it from the Sugar and Cream Cotton stash, which I purchased in many colors for 99 cents during Michaels and AC Moore sales this summer.

Still working on the finishing touches on "Sonny's" felted face.



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