Monday, June 11, 2007


As always, I am knitting for those that play an important part of my life. My Knitting priorities are constantly shifted, depending upon what major event is looming in the horizon. As much as I want to complete my husband's long awaited sweater, I have it resting in Knitting Limbo due to the need to make some progress on the following projects and their deadlines.
This is Aran Afghan square number 2 out of the 4 I am committed to knit for my Church's Christmas Bazaar in November. I think everyone else is finished with their squares, so when I am finished I will sew all the squares together.and maybe hand off to another member to finish the whole thing with a border. Bobbles galore! it seems it's taken forever to get this far, and the square is not yet 12 inches. I am knitting on this sucker today and tomorrow with the intention of presenting it finished to our Tuesday night Knitting Ministry Group. Ta-Da! Done. Finito. You betcha!
I bought 14 pairs of this yarn in a variety of colors 2 years ago at Hancock on sale for 75 cents a skein and donated it to our group. We're knitting scarves for the Bazaar and several of the ladies have completed scarves already. This is my first and not much progress made, as you can see. Back porch knitting basket project. Soon.

One of our lovely Church Ladies is recovering from surgery, so I dug this Lion Brand Homespun Prairie yarn deeply from out of my stash and cast on for a comfort shawl with the old standby "knit 2, yarn over, knit across row" pattern. When I got bored another group member picked it up and continued knitting the pattern, and after going through several knitting hands, it returned to me. I'm adding the 3rd skein of Homespun and will keep knitting till I pass it on to another member Tuesday night. I think 3 skeins should do it, don't you? The lady is a petite woman. Makes the best rice pudding too! Ask me how I know....

Mason-Dixon Ballband in the works for my co-worker Sandy, who bought a new house one year ago. Was promised some new cloths to match yellow, black and white wallpaper in her kitchen. No comment. But, I am honoring my promise. Believe 3 cloths will make a nice set.
One of our Nurses Aides, Kelly, is graduating from nursing school at the end of this month. She had admired the Babes I knitted last year and wanted to commission one from me as she liked them so much. I'm gifting her with a RN Babe and must get this finished ASAP(!) as she will be leaving for a new job after graduation!
Now, as for personal knitting...
I had ordered a few weeks ago this gorgeous yarn, called Sea Monkey, from Lacey, of Random Stitches (sidebar), who has a shop on Etsey called The Fuzzy Peach. Beautiful hand dyed sock yarn, which is a weakness of mine. Note the brown and blue color, a color acquisition trend carried over from previous posts. A pair of stitch markers were complementary with the order and Lacey so graciously added several more complementary pairs to my order as PayPal was being so temperamental! I was so satisfied with this yarn and it sits by the ball winder, calling to me! I've got a bit of the cuff left to go on my pair of 2 Toe Ups on 1 Long Circular Needle Socks, but I did buy a spare needle on my NYC trip......
No! I must stick to the Knitting Agenda! I must!

Check back with me next week to see if I remained unwavering in my commitments! It's like Weight Watchers for Knitters, without the scale! Will I stick to the program goal or will I have gained additional Knitting Project Poundage?

No 35 Bonus Knitting Points for the week either!


Secret Pal said...

I'm always so glad to see I'm not alone in my many projects. Looks like you're making good progress though.

I really like the afghan square and I'm wondering how I can get my hands on that knitted babes book. Are they fun to knit?

Norma said...

I also have lots of projects most of the time. Like you, most of it is not for myself.

The Knitted Babes book looks like fun!

Michelle said...

simply not enough hours in a day! wouldn't it be "the life" to sit on a nice breezy porch on a nice comfy swing and knit, while sipping wine/margueritas and looking out a a lake/ocean? just sayin'.
could u share where you found the knitted babes patterns?! it's a must have.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

although I don't have all that many projects OTN, I never have enough time to knit just for me, unless it is a dishcloth or possibly a scarf, and haven't done either in a while. There's always something/someone else that I'm knitting for. Love that sock yarn, btw.

Gina said...

LOL about your WW comment. I'm a Lifetime member of WW so I had the willpower to lose the weight. Yarn...not so much.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I bought white Cottontots. This is my friend's 5th baby. She never finds out the baby's gender ahead of time so I'm playing it safe. I swatched yesterday and I love the yarn. It feels so good. I bet it gets better in the wash.

Anonymous said...

I am going to be very unkind and suggest another project for you to knit - for the lady who is soon to graduate as an RN.
There is a washcloth pattern of a nurse that would not take very long to knit - and would go great with her RN Babe gift.
I just can't remember where I saw the pattern though. Probably from Monthly Dishcloth KAL?
In fact, if I remember correctly, there are two patterns - one is of a nurse and the other is of a nurse's cap.

I haven't helped at all, have I?

hakucho said...

You certainly have a lot going on knitting projects wise. I think knitting for others is the best especially when it's appreciated. Keep up the great work. Make sure you show us the finished aran square blanket...sounds wonderful!

happy knitting :)

DawnK said...

Wow, you have a lot of projects going on, all at the same time! LOL! Sad to say that the housework here gets neglected in lieu of projects, too! LOL!

The dishcloths, socks, bobble squares, etc, are all gorgeous!

Amanda said...

I love all your projects, but I especially like the sock yarn. I'm really drawn to those colors as well. I snagged up some beautiful yarn in those colors on the old DeStash a few weeks ago. I posted a picture here: