Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I've noticed lately that some bloggers treat their current sock project like family, taking them along on various travel adventures. I am referring to recent posts by the Mason-Dixon gals and the Yarn Harlot, in which their socks in progress were prominently featured. So, not wanting my take along sock to feel snubbed I snapped a few photos of them during our day trip to this quaint little town last Friday. Just a little background info for you, Gentle Knitters. The jail no longer houses any prisoners. Instead, it's a popular tourist attraction which details the events of the Mollie McGuires Trial. It was a very interesting tour, my second time around, and some portions of it are "down right creepy", according to my son.
No socks were harmed during this tour.

I think this is one heck of a slip knot. Shall we cast on!

A friend of knitting.

Spending some quality time with my socks while waiting for Mike and Shaun to finish their second tour go around. My new friend got a little too familiar with me, as you can see, so I had to sock it to him! Very bad pun. Yes, I know.

So, there you have it. I have done my duty as a Sock Mom. The sock is a half inch away from being a FO, and joining it's sibling socks. Someday, if you, Gentle Knitter, are interested, I might post a family photo of my knitted socks. Including all the little socks in waiting in my 2 sock yarn drawers!

Take a sock to lunch this week!


smariek said...

Great pics! Not much opportunity for me to KIP anymore. Your limo trip to NYC sounded like blast, and OMG look at all those goodies you brought home! And you are way too organized! (referring to the sewing cabinet).

hakucho said...

You are too funny :) Glad your sock enjoyed it's adventure!

stitchin' girl said...

VERY funny post!! I enjoyed it almost as much as the socks!