Tuesday, January 23, 2007


This is my usually mild mannered 12 year old Kringle aka Kringlie Joe, who is
clearly not amused with being volunteered to participate in the Christmas dress-up whims of moi! Not feeling the love here, Kringle!

If you could read my mind, luv.....what a tail these thoughts would tell...meow-hisss!

So, I've been looking through the yarn room lately and revisiting the yarnlings, both old and new friends. Several came to me as cheery gifts of the season....

Lovely, LOVELY yarn from Nan, one of the 3 Knitting Amigas! This is Artyarn merino. Destined to be the neck cozy, pattern held in the knitting vault of all great patterns for several years.

Rediscovered this little beauty perched on my yarn closet shelf, waiting so patiently....

It's cold and wintery today, and I miss the sunlight of warmer months. By February I will be in my annual winter slump and knitting this birthday 2006 yarn from Nan will be the perfect pick me up! Ironstone "Sun", so aptly named!

Not the yarn version of "The Trouble With Tribbles", for all you closeted Trekkies

Note gold yarn on left, gifted from Jeanie, (the other Amiga) and light teal and burgundy opposite right, from Nan. Ever since I happened upon www.yarnstorm.blogs.com and gazed upon her fabulous knitted pillows, I've been driven to collect 100% angora to incorporate into the diamond pillow from Debbie Bliss Home. Yarnstorm is my Guru of color. I bow to you. Go see to be inspired!

A cup of Christmas cheer!

Lacey, @ www.randomstitches-lacey.blogspot.com

sent this beauty for the December Winter Wonderland Exchange. My love affair with the ballband continues. Fabulous job, Lacey!

Small knitting projects to chase away the winter blahs!

Maggie, my 2005 Ample Knitter's Secret Pal sent me these goodies! What unexpected joy! Thanks, Mags! he pattern looks like it will be fun to knit!

Death by cheesecake? What a way to go!

Next to knitting Ballbands, eating cheesecake is another favorite pastime!

Jeanie put down her addi's long enough to bake me this sinfully delicious Christmas cheese cake, which is now laying lovingly on my hips! Recipe to follow, I'm hoping!

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hakucho said...

The Christmas ballband you received in your exchange is beautiful! I've made tons of ballbands, but have yet to make a Christmas one! They are my all time favorite dishcloth :)

happy knitting :)