Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Settled into my Post Stitches Knitting Mode

By the way, if you have ever wondered about the kitty I am holding, I included a photo of Miss Chesea Marie and Kringle Joseph today. Hope you are happy now, John!

I finally finished Sonny! He's currently hanging in my picture window greeting the squirrels who are eating all my tulip bulbs!

Also finished THE PINWHEEL BABY BLANKET and the blanket design is not at all like I had originally planned. I only used what I had in my stash, so it was a great stash reduction project! I definitely would make another one! Endless possibilities! Will post those pictures on another day. I'm contemplating sending a photo to to add to her Pinwheel Knitalong Gallery, if she likes. Credit is given to Genia Planck for her original and free pinwheel pattern. THANKS, LADIES!

Now for the Unfinished.....

This fall marks the 2 year anniversary of The Tapestry Jacket Project I began at my favorite yarn shop, Kraemer's. I have been revising, frogging, and analyzing this sucker to no avail. Been stuffing it in and out of the project bag weekly. Well, NO MORE! Out it stays, visible, so I can knit off a sleeve row whenever I happen to notice it! I don't know what my problem is! All I have to do is : knit down the 2 sleeves, design cuffs, knit a bottom and 2 button bands, and a collar. Maybe line it also. Let's see how it goes! Good intentions and all that!

Maybe I should call it The Children Are Waiting Jacket!

This Is Miss Chelsea. She is 13 years old, Bullemic, and very moody. She weighs 6 pounds. A very petite miss!

Here you can see the prep work I am doing before beginning Kool Aid dying. I am unraveling the undyed merino I bought at Kraemers for layout in a long pyrex dish. I think I will try to varigate 3 or 4 colors for a shawl. I also have several smaller skeins of superwash dk weight that I want to dye for sock yarn.

This is Kringle standing guard over some of my Stitches purchases, lest Chelsea happen to feel the need to hurl. He is going to be 11 years old this month. The local A.S.P.C.A. gave him that name. He is very good natured. He weighs 16 pounds and loves to nap!

Missing from the photo are the new felted flower and Christmas ornaments patterns from 2 old Bags.

Projects for another day.

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Anonymous said...

Very beautiful projects - LOVE the Barbie outfits - fast, easy and should get a real good price. Today is my very first day in bloggers. I just typed some articles from Prevention magazine. I have an interest in medical care due to being a nurses aide at one time. GTG - TTYL. I am releasing NO personal info - sorry. (Orders from my son.)