Wednesday, January 28, 2015


One of the perks of being a fan of the Outlander series is seeing the main character, Claire, wearing period knitwear each week. I had the perfect shade of rustic brown yarn vegetating in my stash to replicate the brown bulky simple garter stitch cowl-shoulder wrap thingy Claire wore in episode 2(?) But, after I had knitted half of it I decided I DID NOT want to look like a medieval peasant. Felt the rustic look might benefit from the dash of BLING that only a nice novelty yarn can add, and in in doing so, am very satisfied with the end result!

I knit a strand of Zap (again, from the stash!) along with a strand of Homespun T&Q on #15 because I wanted it to drape and not be stiff.
This is a warm, very long infinity scarf that, when wrapped loosely 3 times,  drapes over my shoulders, and also can be wrapped around my neck 4 times. It has the potential to be worn several different ways. Basically it is as tall as I am-5'6". And, because it is thick yarn on big needles the project is completed very quickly.

Dimensions are 8 inches wide x 130 inches long before seaming, 8” x 65” after seaming.

Here are my directions:

With your bulky yarn (main yarn) cast on loosely 15 stitches and knit every row until your skein has reduced down to half of it’s original size.
Join your novelty yarn to your main yarn and continue knitting every row with both yarns held together.
When you are nearing the end of your yarn, loosely bind off and seam both side together into a loop.
Whether you add a half twist to your one end before seaming for a Mobius effect is entirely up to you!

If I make another I might try casting on 20 stitches to increase the width.

I hope you enjoy it if you make one!


Pradeepa said...

Lovely wrap!

Evamaritha Rubbochstubb said...

I agree with U Pradeepa,I like it too.