Thursday, May 03, 2012


Hello again and yes, been busy. Finally finished  (in January 2012!) my "plan as you go sweater"
started during a 5 hour crosscountry running high school bus trip to Rhochester, New York, in the Fall of 2010! The idea was to use up the stash of Crysal Palace Taos  (Tuscan) maturing since 2005(?) by just casting on for the width of my back and knitting until inspiration struck. It evolved into an adaptation of Suikan from Vicki Square's Knit Kimono I. Knitted in stockinette stitch, worked the front separate from the back and seamed the shoulders. Sleeves were knit flat and seamed on the underside. The bands on the sleeve and up/around the front are garter stitch and hand sewn onto the sweater. The photo really brings out the striping, which appears more muted to me closeup. I'm seeing a tad bit dumpling, but hey! At 56 you have to expect/accept a little meat on your bones! The sweater is lofty and very warm. It became my go-to item during the few coldest days we had, really blocking the wind. If you can get your hands on this vintage yarn, grab it! Lots of great yarn deals on the Net to feed that Stash!

So, besides actually finishing something, I've spent my time caring for my family, saying "goodbye" to beloved Scotty after 14-1/2  years of canine love, painting a few rooms, stashing MORE yarn for my someday retirement( this is what I tell my family!) attending Stitches East and Vogue New York,
reading the many blogs I subscribe to, trolling the internet, especially Ravelry, for new patterns, knitting and crocheting with friends, occassionally teaching beginners how to knit at the community college, volunteering with my senior crochet group and remaining employed(thankfully) We also adopted a new collie puppy, Brody, in February. In a word, busy! Oh, I forgot my new vice-Pinterest. Cannot step away from the keyboard. Love to pin and be pinned!

Hoping to be more timely in my posts. Let's try Mondays. Maybe I'll have something worth sharing?
Until then, happy knitting!

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hakucho said...

Your sweater looks very cuddly :) Well worth the time it took to make, yes?

happy knitting :)