Monday, July 18, 2011


When one of my co-workers experienced a very serious health crisis recently it was only natural that I wanted to do something to show my concern. Having participated in many Loveghan projects for folks I never met over the years, this was the very first time I had a personal connection to the recipient. I wanted to work quickly, so I decided that this Loveghan would be crocheted, instead of knitted.

Since I work with a fabulous group of people who are so willing to lend a hand through thick and thin, a one woman project grew into a group effort to create a blanket of love.
What was so amazing about this was that a good part of this afghan was made by people that hadn't a clue how to crochet...
but were so eager to learn how to in order to be a part of this show of support for a friend and colleague!
Several people donated money to purchase crochet hooks and extra yarn to supplement what we used from my yarn stash.
A Tunisian Crochet square was a perfect canvas to embroider our message of care and concern!

Thirty 9x9 inch blocks and a double crochet shell border later it was completed!
Our blocks were an inch larger because we were mostly loose crocheters!
This required more yarn than the 11 skeins listed in the pattern.

The pattern came from here and the yarn used was Vanna's Choice, so soft and colorful!

If ever you have an opportunity to contribute just one square toward a Loveghan, please do so! It will bring comfort to someone in need of good thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful afghan, Linda! I hope your friend has a swift recovery. Surely this gift of love will help.

wswseo said...
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hakucho said...

Fantastic! That special blanket is sure to make your friend feel better...such a wonderful thing to do :)

Magnolia Tea said...

The afghan is very nice! The squares seem to fit together well. Isn't it great when others want to learn your craft. Thanks for visiting my blog.