Friday, February 26, 2010


Hello Gentle Knitter. Hoping you are able to stay home and be warm and content with whatever craftiness you desire! Since it's been over a month since my last posting I'll let you browse through my photos at your leisure to see what's new.

Sweet 16 and still going strong!!!

Kringle sometimes leaves the bathroom to explore.
Scratches an itch

and considers his trip back to his nook.

Church knitting for the winter months involve making hats, scarves and mittens for our parishioners, who generously keep us supplied with yarn donations!
I've been playing around with crochet and this was inspired by Chez Plums Design. I purchased the patterns for adult and infant sizes because I liked this concept so much! Sylvie's hat pattern will be featured in Annie Modesitt's soon to be released 1,ooo Fabulous Hats
But, my McGivered version permits several different looks!
Well..... maybe not.
I think this one is really cute! Ready for St Patty's day!
My version, not so bad, but I know I'll like the ones I end up making from the patterns better! I like that her original adult was made with Noro Kureyon! I'll tell you what, though, this hat was finished in a jiff!
Just one of my own creations with some worsted weight yarn. My love affair with feather and fan knitting...
New cat in the house. Meet Ringo. Found January 30th outside Music store, 10 degree weather. A very nice cat and a nice addition to our family.
Getting to know you, getting to know aaaall about yooooouuu! Shelby is learning to share her space in the Yarn Room!
My birthday in February. 54. We didn't need to advertise it. Cake made by Mike. Tastey!

Things to do when it's snowing...

Paint the kitchen...finally got started!
Take a swim in a heated pool.

Read a good book-it's even better when you paid only $2 at the B&N discount table!!! Sorry Stephanie, but a good deal is a good deal!

More unbelievable $2 deals!!!!

Feeling extravagant, I acquired these a few weeks before at $5 a piece!

Completely free! Courtesy of author Maggie Sefton, master of the knitting mystery novel!

More on crochet....

A sponge and some sugar n'cream cotton

makes a great soap dish pad!

A sweetheart...
and another!

We like fish during Lent! Tensillated fishie pattern-2 crocheted together as an acrylic softie. Would make a nice scrubbie/Tawashie thingie too, I think, if knit with cotton!

Cats really do have staff, not owners!
Mason-Dixon Knitting "Swifty"reserved for co-worker, Sandy.

Made from oddballs.

Time to hang it up until a later date. Happy knitting!


now, where was I said...

what an adorable flock of cats. I am in heaven seeing them all so wonderfully cared for. love the swifty super great idea, should put one on Etsy. which by the way is slower than a snail race in wet paint.

MedicMaggie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! LOVE the new kitty! What a sweet look on his face. I bet he's thrilled to be in a real home with people who love him (and will spoil him as he deserves). Congratulations!! Love the book scores, too, what a great haul. And of course, the freebies from Maggie Sefton - whooo-hoooo! Bet you really enjoy those. Like the tesselated fish, too. Is that a Peep in your hot chocolate? Cute!! Thanks, love reading your blog!

hakucho said...

Happy belated birthday! Love your crocheted covered sponge....I bet that is awesome to use washing dishes and general clean up :) Very clever!

Vigdis said...

Happy belated birthday!
ANd again, thank you for the gift I won in your contest. Life has been rough on us lately. I lost my father-in-law last month, and he we got tied up in lots of things both before and after his death. But I'm surfacing now, and have updated my blog :-) Take a look when you have the time :-)
Love Vigdis