Monday, December 21, 2009



Sadly, there's been some PC issues that Mike is trying to resolve in his free time so I'm unable to share with you any personal knitting photos. Needless to say, this little detail has given way to a bit of knitting photo posting withdrawal while I await resolution of this temporary inconvenience. The cute mittens photo is courtesy of Picapp and is probably from an advertisement. Love the colors!

Thinking another contest would be a nice antidote to my computer angst, I decided to base it on folks posting a comment naming their FAVORITE KNITTING THINGS!

Just post a comment naming one or more of your favorite knitting things and I will select a random winner from the group on January 2, 2010.

Oh, yes, the prize!

I'm putting together a nice little goodie box that will include a very lovely skein of sock yarn, among other knitting related items! So, why not try your luck?

I 'm including a list of my favorite knitting things that make knitting a joy for me and for which I am extremely grateful!

I tried to limit the list to 12 spots, which was very hard to do.


1. My Knitting Amigas! Eileen, Jean, Nan, and Roberta, who share the joy and always provide hugs, laughs and inspiration in abundant doses! Also, my not so secret anymore pal, Maggie from Virginia, who I met through the Ample Knitters Digest in 2004(?). If I had never picked up the needles, I would have never blessed with their friendships! Or all those wacky unfinished projects.

1.5. My OLOM Knitting Ministry Members and My NACC Knitting Students. Both old and young folks dedicated to the art of handknitting.

2. My Yarn Room, a containment area that provides some sort of order and sanity to the stash.

2.5. My knitting stash. Beautiful. Diverse. Always singing the sirens song.

3. 40 % off coupons from Michael's, AC Moore, Joanne's, which enable me to stock up on acrylic yarns for my Knitting Ministry projects.

4. Knitting Pattern Central. Let's face it, if you need it quick, it's probably there! No offense, Ravelry, but I tend to take extremely looong trips on your site, verses the express line. Not always able to take the time to take the leisurely browse.

5. My local Barnes and Noble Bookseller for stocking all those great knitting magazines and knitting books that keep the knitting dreams alive!

6. Bethlehem Public Library, for their fabulous selection of new and old knitting books. No more buying the whole book just for one or two great patterns!

7. My home library of knitting books. Nothing beats curling up with a beautifully designed knitting book.

8. Anything Mason-Dixon Knitting Related. Anything at all.

8.5. The Ball Band Washcloth Knitting pattern. Bow your heads when you say this out loud.

9. Local Yarn Shoppes who get all my money and keep me in the knitting poorhouse. You all know who you are and my bank account and I do thank you!

9.5. WEBS and Elann. Lots of yarn bang for the buck!

10. The Feather and Fan Stitch Pattern. Beautiful in any yarn.

11. Noro Kureyon, Silk Garden, Cascade 220, Koigu, Balangor Angora, Patons Classic Wool, Rowan Cashsoft, Plymouth Encore Worsted, and Peaches and Cream Cotton. Sock Yarn. Any kind will do.

12. The many, MANY knitting blogs that provide the inspiration and their bloggers who are kind enough to drop by and comment on whatever I happen to be doing.

So, what are YOUR favorite things?

Hugs to you all, may all your knitting gauge always be spot on and your holidays as joyous as this found video!