Monday, December 21, 2009



Sadly, there's been some PC issues that Mike is trying to resolve in his free time so I'm unable to share with you any personal knitting photos. Needless to say, this little detail has given way to a bit of knitting photo posting withdrawal while I await resolution of this temporary inconvenience. The cute mittens photo is courtesy of Picapp and is probably from an advertisement. Love the colors!

Thinking another contest would be a nice antidote to my computer angst, I decided to base it on folks posting a comment naming their FAVORITE KNITTING THINGS!

Just post a comment naming one or more of your favorite knitting things and I will select a random winner from the group on January 2, 2010.

Oh, yes, the prize!

I'm putting together a nice little goodie box that will include a very lovely skein of sock yarn, among other knitting related items! So, why not try your luck?

I 'm including a list of my favorite knitting things that make knitting a joy for me and for which I am extremely grateful!

I tried to limit the list to 12 spots, which was very hard to do.


1. My Knitting Amigas! Eileen, Jean, Nan, and Roberta, who share the joy and always provide hugs, laughs and inspiration in abundant doses! Also, my not so secret anymore pal, Maggie from Virginia, who I met through the Ample Knitters Digest in 2004(?). If I had never picked up the needles, I would have never blessed with their friendships! Or all those wacky unfinished projects.

1.5. My OLOM Knitting Ministry Members and My NACC Knitting Students. Both old and young folks dedicated to the art of handknitting.

2. My Yarn Room, a containment area that provides some sort of order and sanity to the stash.

2.5. My knitting stash. Beautiful. Diverse. Always singing the sirens song.

3. 40 % off coupons from Michael's, AC Moore, Joanne's, which enable me to stock up on acrylic yarns for my Knitting Ministry projects.

4. Knitting Pattern Central. Let's face it, if you need it quick, it's probably there! No offense, Ravelry, but I tend to take extremely looong trips on your site, verses the express line. Not always able to take the time to take the leisurely browse.

5. My local Barnes and Noble Bookseller for stocking all those great knitting magazines and knitting books that keep the knitting dreams alive!

6. Bethlehem Public Library, for their fabulous selection of new and old knitting books. No more buying the whole book just for one or two great patterns!

7. My home library of knitting books. Nothing beats curling up with a beautifully designed knitting book.

8. Anything Mason-Dixon Knitting Related. Anything at all.

8.5. The Ball Band Washcloth Knitting pattern. Bow your heads when you say this out loud.

9. Local Yarn Shoppes who get all my money and keep me in the knitting poorhouse. You all know who you are and my bank account and I do thank you!

9.5. WEBS and Elann. Lots of yarn bang for the buck!

10. The Feather and Fan Stitch Pattern. Beautiful in any yarn.

11. Noro Kureyon, Silk Garden, Cascade 220, Koigu, Balangor Angora, Patons Classic Wool, Rowan Cashsoft, Plymouth Encore Worsted, and Peaches and Cream Cotton. Sock Yarn. Any kind will do.

12. The many, MANY knitting blogs that provide the inspiration and their bloggers who are kind enough to drop by and comment on whatever I happen to be doing.

So, what are YOUR favorite things?

Hugs to you all, may all your knitting gauge always be spot on and your holidays as joyous as this found video!


trek said...

My favorite knitting things? Wow, tough question. I love my dpns and my Addi Turbos and my KnitPicks Options. Then there is the sock yarn.

Most of all, I love it when I finish a project and people say how nice it looks.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

My favorite thing knitting thing would be when something I''ve made for someone else is truly appreciated.

superwoman_4002 said...

oh my goodness!!! haha, i aboslutly LOVED that video!! lol, made me chuckle!! :D

ok, my favorite knitting things...
1-my knitpicks interchangable needles
2-my miniature yorkie who lays on my lap while i'm knitting :)
3-my basket of yarn especially (as well as other hiding places for my yarn so nobody can see how much i really do have) ;) lol
4-cup of hot cocoa (in the winter)
6-feeling of accomplishment and the giddy feeling i get when i give the finished object to someone and they love it :D

Channon said...

Gretchen is annoyed that I'm humming "Favorite Things" while I type...

I am blessed to have some very talented dyers as friends. It makes a project that much more meaningful when I'm knitting with yarn a friend "made."

That being said, I love a soft, fine, skinny yarn.

I love knitting with my own handspun.

I love knitting for people I know will appreciate it.

I find joy in knitting for dogs.

I love wooden/bamboo straights, especially in the winter when I don't care to hold onto cold metal sticks.

I love my knitting friends. They inspire me, challenge me, coach me...

Merry Christmas!

Bo... said...

My favorite knitting thing is my Caboodles make-up box that I use for my supplies, like tape measure, calculator, cable needles, stitch holders, pens, pencils, post-it notes, etc. I love to open that box and have all my necessities right there in one place.

Cathy said...

My favorite things:

1 - My LYS
2 - Sales on yarn
3 - Free patterns
4 - Anytime I can sit down with needles and yarn in hand

Happy Holidays!!

Anonymous said...

My favourite knitting things:

1. Knitting with my daughter.
2. Prairie Lily Knitting in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (my LYS)
3. Seeking out just the right pattern to knit.
4. Knitting Socks...I love socks...
5. KALs
6. New yarn packages in the mail.
7. KIPing with my knitterly pals at our local coffee shop.

Happy stitching and merry holidays!

Amanda said...

I only started knitting in June, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. My favourite knitting things would be the feel of all the yarn and the sense of accomplishment I feel when I finally finish a project. Oh, and my bamboo needles. I tried a variety of needle types when I started knitting and bamboo is my favourite!

Irene said...

My favorite knitting thing is a well turned sock heel. I don't know but every time I finish the heel I am amazed and delighted. Also a 30 year old Susan Bates metal needle gauge is a favorite. Don't know what I would do without it.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

SingleMomKnits said...

My favorite knitting things: Yarn, locking stitch markers, measuring tapes, yarn, knitting magazines, yarn (oh, did I say that already), Ravelry, my knitting friends, my knitting group, my LYS.

LaLa said...

My favorite knitting thing is definitely Knitting Pattern Central & Ravelry. Without them I would be lost. From inspiration to following actual patterns, I find everything I need in those two places.
Thank you for the chance to share & the contest opportunity!

Holly said...

My Favorite Things are all my gadgets that make knitting fun and the Mini Mitten Ornament pattern I've been making as gifts.

Thanks for doing this contest and the chance to win some great gifts.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Lantern Moon ebony needles. Yum.

zekezac said...

My favorite thing are really very simple-

the fact that hubby is home safely from his tour in Afghanistan is my #1 fav.

Then he actually asked me to make him a touque that would fit under his army helmet (and he said when we met that he would never wear anything I could knit for him!)That is my #2 fav.

My 14 year old terrier mix named Zac - who along wih my knitting addiction is what got me through these last 2 years! That is my #3 but each of thse favorites are all really my #1 favorite because they are all so important.

LisaD said...

Favorite knitting things:

my ever-growing stash - so many possibilities

knitting with my daughter and son-in-law

the great variety of knitting needles available - each have their place

the wonderful variety of yarns now compared to when I first learned to knit - we had wool (often scratchy),cotton, and acrylic

Ravelry and knitlist; wonderful resources for supplies, patterns, help, etc.

the quiet zone I go into when knitting - so peaceful and restful

Jean Ashley said...

My favorite Knitting things, in no particular order:

*My knitting friends
*My stash (and the online and LYS stores that have helped it grow big and strong)
*My Knit Kit (love this tool!)
*Interchangeable Knitting Needles
*Ravelry, Knitty, Knitting Daily and loads of other places online to get patterns and ideas

Pooch said...

Great topic to consider: fave knitting things...
--circular needles:love using circs for all sort of projects from heavy ghans to baby hats

--row counters: usually use the barrel style that slips onto the needle, however the kacha kacha is great for larger projects

--sparkley stitch markers: they're fun, frivolous, and pretty-pretty purchased through Etsy

--knitting for those in need is a huge blessing to me & reminds me that we truly are knit together in the Father's love.

Vigdis said...

Hello from Norway!
My favorite knitting things are:
* I have a little box that rooms all my tiny knitting things like, a beautiful little sizzor, needles, stitchmarkers, and a little ruler.
* I have a yarnstashroom that is sooooooo great!
* I have a great library of knitting and craft books.
* I have some wonderful friends to share my love for knitting with.
' I love all the wonderful knitting blogs (like yours) all over the world!

Merry Christmas!

Love Vigdis from Norway

knitter said...

My favorite knitting things:
1. Knitpicks needles
2. Sock Yarn .... and LOTS of it
3. Knitting socks
4. My recliner
5. My Laptop
6. Finish knitting socks and giving them away or wearing them.

Gary and Louise said...

I love all things related to knitting, but I truly love yarn. I love the color, the feel of it, the potential for it to become something special. I love to look at it, touch it, and knit it.

ikkinlala said...

I love sock yarn, Ravelry, the sense of accomplishment I get when I finish something, and those days (few and far between lately) when I can curl up on the couch with my knitting and my tea without too much noise in the background.

Happy holidays!

Wanda said...

I love YARN!

I love my cats knowing enough to leave my yarn alone when I am knitting. And they do sit with me while I knit.

My every growing stash!

Using wool and cotton as much as possible so the farmers can keep working.

Accomplishment and appreciation.

Free patterns.

Reading others blogs and learning from them.

Teaching my knitting class.

Knitting with my friends!

Giving items to charities.

All my needles no matter what they are; bamboo, medal circular dpn etc.

Belonging to knitting groups on line. Everyone has so much to share and so willing to do so.


LizzieK8 said...

My BKFF (Best Knitting Friend Forever); My Addi Turbos; Hand dyed sock yarn from BKFF; Cute stitch markers; FOs; WIPs; My Socks!

Miriam said...

Some of my favorites are -
My umbrella swift and ball winder.

Yummy yarns - favs are alpaca, silk blends, bamboo, etc.

Harmony needles.

Homemade stitch markers from beads.

KAL groups.

Learning from other's blogs.

Actually finishing a project!

MedicMaggie said...

My favorite knitting things are very similar to yours! The friendships made, the fantastic internet sites and blogs,sharing the joy of knitting with everyone, the books, the thrill of making something for someone that they actually LIKE (bonus points if the gift was made on dpn's). The joy of dreaming about that next project and finding the perfect item to make for someone. Lastly, the wool itself in all the wonderful fibers and color combinations (Yarn Harlot has it right, there is such a thing as wool fumes)! Thanks, Linda, for being such a great pal! Maggie

"grammiepammie" said...

Hello, Lovely Lady!
My favorite things?
(1) Easy patterns like Ball Band, Hexagon, Grandma's Favorite
(2) Great blog sites to brouse and get ideas
(3) The wonderful people in my knit group who inspire, teach, and just enjoy knitterly things with
(4)The 40 & 50% coupons at JoAnns & Michaels
(5) Being able to learn new stitches & patterns, be it knit or crocheted

LOVE your blog! Hugs; Pammie

ozlynda said...

My favorite knitting things.. well tough call there, but:
I would have to say my knitpicks interchangeable needles.
The internet for all the lovely blogs, websites for patterns, books and yarn, oh and ravelry.

My fun knit at the moment Korknisse. Made about 30 for Christmas. So sweet.
Thanks Lynda.

Anonymous said...

My favs are:

*my knit picks needles
*Amanda's yarn
*knitting with my cats on my lap
*teaching my neighbors how to knit

Knitcrazy said...

My Favorite things are All The Sweaters that I make for the kids.. They really do love to wear them and it makes me so Happy!!!
I love my denise and harmony circulars.
I love Ravelry and Blogs.
I love all my knit bags filled with wips.
I love my Stash of Yarn.
I love to go Knit Shop Browsing.
Oh Heck.. Anything to do with Knitting and I Love it!!!
Oh Yea!!! I forgot... I LOVE TO KNIT!!!! :)

Lisa said...

My favorite knitterly things:

#1: My knitters: The splintered knitters. Four awesome friends who knit.
#2: Ravelry.
#3: Knitting for anyone who really gets it and loves it!

hakucho said...

Happy New Year :)


My favorite knitting item besides the obvious is my magnetic pattern board....don't know if I could ever work on a fussy pattern without it!!

happy knitting :)