Monday, February 09, 2009


This has been the typical view lately from my front door.

Makes one want to remain indoors, roastey-toasty warm, and knitting from the always expanding yarn stash. Einstein would have understood the dynamics of yarn expansion-yarn is not finite.....every knitter knows this universal rule! Think of the energy I am generating through the act of knitting.

The winter chill is slowly leaving us this week but I still look for the comfort of warmth.....
Chicken pot pie offers comfort with, I admit, some unwanted calories, but *substitute skim milk for whole* in the recipe, and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW. Honest.

Recipe for Chicken Pot Pie

2 Cups leftover cooked chicken

2 ready made pie crusts

1 can mixed vegetables-the ones with the little potato cubes

1 small can of corn

2 cups milk*

4 TBSP flour

salt, pepper, minced onion, parsley

1 egg- for the egg wash on the top crust before baking.

Place one pie crust in Pam sprayed pie plate, and add chicken, vegetables and corn. In a pot combine milk, flour and seasonings, heat and stir until thickened. Pour over pie filling and cover with 2ND pie crust. Seal and crimp edges around the pie. Brush beaten egg over top crust. Bake in oven on 325 degrees for 30 minutes.

Wonderfully warm things came my way this week too!

My dear Wednesday knitting friend, Roberta, generously knitted 5 squares for my son's Blanket Bonanza School Project.

And then... warm comfort arrived in my mail box....
Pam, aka "Grammie Pammie" of the Ghana Project sent these 3 adorable squares to be added to the blanket square donations. How did she ever find the time to knit these? I mean, the lady has surpassed the 100Th afghan mark on her own! Drop in on her by going to my link in my sidebar.

And, not to forget! I heard from Timiae, whose profile says is a student from Georgia, that she'll send something to the cause also! My Virginian pal , Maggie, from my Ample Knitters Secret Pal days also signed on for a square or maybe two! Thank-you, you sweet knitters, for the generosity of your time and needles!

The DEADLINE for mailing your squares to me is Friday, February 13th, postmarked.

I will hold the drawing on Sunday, February 22, at 12 noon and post the name of the winner here.


I managed to complete four more squares over the last few weeks.

Warming heads...

I've been wondering for the longest time how this Doily

would look as a hat of some kind so I decided to play with the pattern, designer unknown. I hope, who ever they are, that they are pleased with my results!

I used less than a skein of Red Heart Super Saver, Aran Fleck. I'll be donating it to our Knitting Ministry's Winter Hat Drive.

Here's another hat knit with what was left of the skein. I finished the top by doing a Kitchener with the last 2 dozen stitches or so to get the top flat.

Comfort of the familiar....

Just my way of working through that Peaches n Cream cotton stash of mine.The possibilities are infinite. Please don't ask me to do the math!

Warm knitting to you all!


Susan said...

what a pretty chicken pot pie!
the photo looks so yummy!
thanks for posting your recipe.

Bonnie said...

The doily hat came out gorgeous. Love it.

Your photos are wonderful. I feel warmer, already. :o)