Sunday, November 02, 2008


Remember me?

This is the final lap of Mike's Christmas sweater (2003-2008) The sleeves are slowly approaching their final destination. I will become invigorated( read:manic!) once I've attached the sleeves to shoulders and can proceed to seaming. once done, I'll flawlessly finish knitting and sewing on the button and buttonhole bands. In time for Christmas. This year. Oh. the. peace.

As such, I've been keeping a rather low blog profile since my last post in August due to living the busy Mrs. B lifestyle. Family-home-nursing-knitting and teaching knitting. Not to mention church knitting on Tuesday nights and meeting up with the # Amigas on Wednesday nights at Kraemer's yarn Shop. Have added a few more Amigas to our little knitting group-Roberta, Eileen, Ayn, and Mary Ellen. We'll be at Stitches East, Baltimore on Friday/Saturday, so if you, Gentle Reader, have been reading this blog I'd love to meetcha!!!

Here are some diversions over the past several weeks-

While I was conducting my latest and never ending archaeological dig in my overgrown Yarn Room I unearthed this UFO. Jean and I date it waaaaaay back from the time Stitches East was held at King Of Prussia. The question remains, not "why did she buy it"? but "will she wear it when it's completed"?

Finishing up my 2 toe up at same time feather and fan socks. Desperate to finish them as there's so much sock yarn begging to be knit! Anyone interested in this pattern just let me know and I'll post it. The heels get knit lastly and separately. The yarn is Tofutie.

Another pair of mittens for our Church knitting group.

The stitch pattern is knit one row, and the next row is knit 1, purl 1 , repeating these 2 rows for pattern.

The yarn, donated, is Mary Maxin "Cloud Spun Chunky". I've knit them both cuff down at the same time on a 40 inch circ, using EZ"s 36 stitch mitten pattern from her books. Easily memorized pattern, even for this post meno girl! I've started a hat with a third ball, and am hoping I
don't run out!
Rhine Girls!
Arriving at the Duchess County fairgrounds caffeinated and ready to yarn shop are Eileen, Jeanie and Nan. It was cold and windy, but we didn't let that interfere with our fun! Best part was our early lunch at Artichoke French!!! Superb!

I'm doing the 3 ball scarf version plus I think I've got 5 balls of Jojoland somewhere to make the shawl. Pattern purchased at Maryland Sheep & Wool 2008.

Blue Moon yarn sold at The Fold. Gems. Love STR, despite THAT very rude woman that works for the vendor. Watch out that she doesn't charge you sales tax on your yarn!

I just liked this yarn, home dyed by someone very talented with color. I see a slipped stitch scarf in my future....

Brooks Farm silk and merino blend for a shawl. Very helpful vendor in color selection.

Wool Room sold lots of books at 50 % off! I bought ....a few.
Now need to find room....

I just have to make this hat!!!! Want to up size it too!
Resting up for Stitches! Have fun if you're going!!!


hakucho said...

I bet your husband will be so excited and happy to receive his sweater this Christmas! Looking very good :)

happy knitting :)

smariek said...

Good to see you're still alive and knitting! :-) CONGRATS on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Not much left to do. I'm sure you will finish the sweater by Christmas. This year.

Channon said...

Ooooh... I *SO* want to do the Jojoland shawl...

Crochet Goddess said...

You are a very busy person. I love the yarn. Great mittens.

stitchin' girl said...

I am sure your husband will love his sweater!! You have been very busy - I also have the pattern and yarn for the jojoland shawl and would like to start it very soon.

~Lynn~ said...

You are on busy lady!! I wish I lived close to you...we could knit together. We I live now there are no knitting groups or anything at all for that matter. lol
You have WIPs like I do...if I ever got to all the wips in one place I would be forever finishing them

Thank you for reading my blog..and I now have you bookmarked and will check to see when you get the sweater finished and posted. Take care and Merry Christmas..